VITEEE 2008 Cut-Off

There are many people frantically searching for the expected VITEEE(Pronounced as “WITTY”) cutoff.People are asking me if they’ll get into VIT or not.It is very difficult to predict something like this due to the marking scheme.There is no clear figure available for last years cutoff either.Some people say that in VITEEE 2007 the topper scored 105.Different people claim different numbers.Frankly speaking,you will not find the cutoff anywhere.But I have a solution to this which will give you an idea of where you stand.

Here’s the solution
I advise everyone who reads this post to post a comment and write your expected marks in it.Then Bookmark this page and visit it in a few hours and compare your marks with others marks.This way you will get an approximate idea of where you stand.Perhaps we can generalize these marks to get an approximate idea of the VITEEE 2008 cut-off.

For VITEEE 2008 Solutions and Analysis visit the post-Download VITEEE 2008 Solutions

PS-2 IITans were kind enough to comment on this post.Do read their comments,they will be very useful.

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644 Replies to “VITEEE 2008 Cut-Off”

  1. I got 5977 rank(pcb)in viteee should i go for counselling on 8 june as i have ahilya bai (bpharm) exam on 9 june away from vellore is it worth going,do i have chances in any bio related field plz reply…

  2. hello all !!
    my vitee rank is 5982 (pcb).
    are there any chances of me getting in biotechnology or bio informatics??
    please help.
    thank you.

    1. srm is a waste college they only want money from us so they will extend the seats if you donate them money

  3. so does it means that i might
    have some chance………??
    also this time upto 9000 ranks
    are called for the first phase of
    do you suppose it might work in
    my favour for rank 20752

  4. hi,
    i got 5605 rank in viteee 2009
    can i expect a good branch there?
    i want electronics & communication

    which institute is more better vit or manipal?
    i got 1673 in manipal.

    pls someone reply

  5. i got 12865 rank in VIT. I am not eligible for first round of counselling. Will i be called for second and third(if any) if so when??????? will i get any confirmation.????? can i get chemical engineering with 12865 rank???????

    please reply fast!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i got rank of 10000 in vitee 2009….will i get a call for second counselling??and if so what branch could i possibly expect?please reply as i am highly confused

  7. i got viteee 2009 rank : 9492…..
    do i stand a chance of gettin mechanical or electronics ?
    if not, den any branch ????
    i hav got a call for second phase counselling …..
    it is clashin wid Jay Pee Noida counsellin which is on 25th…
    der i hav jiit rank as 3042….
    wat shud i do ????
    pls reply as soon as possible ????
    am highly confused …..
    thanx a lot !!!!!

  8. i m gettin mech in manipal…n i might get chem in thapar aswell as my aieee rank is arnd 22k…i do have keen interest in mech bt thapar is mch more reputated than manipal…so i should give preference to branch or college ???? … pls reply asap …

    1. Thapar is definitely better than Manipal. Fees at Manipal can be an issue for you. You have a very small chance of getting Chemical at Thapar. My take on branch vs College is that you should go for branch unless or until the college in comparison has significant advantages over the other institute.

  9. sir
    i got 2732 rank in manipal (mech)
    my rank in ip is 4200(delhi general)
    (good colleges of ip are usct ,mait,npti etc)
    uptu is 6900

    what would be the best option

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  11. sir i m expecting some 70-90 odd marks in viteee wat would be my rank aproximatly n can i get mechanical @ that rank plz reply

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