VITEEE 2008 Result Out

May 9, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: DPS Vasant Kunj, VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

The VITEEE(Pronounced as “WITTY”) 2008 result is out.The result would’ve been SMSed to you if you had given your mobile number.In case you haven’t checked your rank yet,you can check your rank from this page.Although,the top 6,000 have been called for counselling I’ve heard that last year the last rank to get admission was around 20,000.Other sources tell me that there will be a second round of counseling for ranks 6000 to around 12000.I’ve gathered all this information by word of mouth.VIT is a private college so obviously VITEEE is not the only way to get in.

From what I’ve heard,the top 6,000 can get the branch of their choice in VIT like Computer Science and IT.If you are in the top 10,000 you will get admission for sure but you might not get a popular branch.Basically,just wait for counseling and you’ll get what you deserve.Nobody can tell you accurately as seats are subject to availability.

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  1. i’ve got rank 7631……..can i expext to b called for counselling and what branches can i expect?
    also, i’ve come to know from many of my friends that modifictions in ranks is carried out which has resulted in ,any of them getting very bad ranks even when they had done quite well.

  2. need help….
    1)i got 3995 rank in viteee 08
    can i get Computer Science.

    2)i scored 276/450 in bitsat….. any hope there considering new hyderabad campus…..
    pls mention branches if any ..

    3)i m exp 188 in jee and 181-185 in aieee….

    what are my chances in above 3 options…..

  3. @Amol Kumar-You won’t have many choices.That’s all I can say.

    @Ananya-Maybe Mechanical.


    @Nitin-Cs in VIT.BITS is tough to get in.In JEE,you’ll get to the Extended Merit List(EML)

    @haria-Pay for it.

  4. naman my son got 5571 rank in vit . can he get cs or ec there. he got 255 rank in amrita , manipal 1200, srm 760 & bitsat he got299 . what to decide. prem

  5. hello naman i was gave the viteee-2009 test i think i wil get marks in viteee between 70-75 so plz tell me about the cutoff of viteee-2009 plz can i expect to clear the exam wid 75 marks

      • hi naman my name is yusuf and i am appearing in vitee2010 i have applied only for biomedical engg and like that (because i am pcb student) i expect to get around 80 or 90 in vitee will get admission to vitee in biomedical stream thorugh this much of scoring as i heared that there isc no much craze for biomedical in south however i like it because my sis an iit engineer adviced me .kindly guide me!

    • I’m not sure about this years VITEEE as the question paper was taken back.But based on previous years trends,CSE will be difficult to get.But you have a slight chance of getting IT.

  6. hello mr. naman!!!!!!!!
    wat branches shud i xpect wid 70-75 marx in viteee??????

    n wat branches shud i Xpect wid 129 marx in manipal 2009,,,(engineering)???????

    well,140 marx in aieee shows around 50000 rank,,,,,
    getng 2 NITs seems difficult,,,,but still zz there any chances of getng any othr gud colg.. through dis mark?????????

    • You can expect Chemical or Mechanical in VIT.I can’t say much about Manipal.And about NITs,its very unpredictable.In the second counseling,you can make it to NITs.

  7. HI namanb,
    I am getting 164 in IIT and 230 in AIEEE. can i expect any rank in IIT or AIEEE.
    Though the chances in IIT are almost impossible but can i expect Mechanical Under Home state quota in Karnataka.

    Please answer

    • You can easily get Mechanical in NIT Surathkal with 230 marks in AIEEE.Congrats!

      You also have slim chances of getting a JEE rank but that won’t get you to an IIT.

  8. plz tell me teh dates of second phase counsellin n my rank is 9508 so plz can u tell me the branches dat wud b available for me at ha rank..n also at 9608

  9. I’m having 20280 rank in Viteee Any hope for me.
    If yes what branch should i expect ?

    Thank you Sir.

      • hi naman!i want to ask that if there is chance to get mechanical in VIT ?my VIT rank is 12000 and can i get some good college in AIEEE my AIEEE rank is 38000

  10. Sir I got 8278 rank in VITEEE 09 ,will I ghet admission for Mechanical,Electrical,Computer science or IT.(Free seat,without donation).

  11. HI NAMAN,,


  12. hello sir

    my rank in viteee 2009 is 22698…do i have any chance of getting thro directly …?

  13. Hi sir,

    I have a rank of 14244 in VIT 2009. I am from Orissa.
    Should I go for counselling?

    which branches can possibly get?

    Thank you.

  14. i have got 13434 rank in viteee 2009. is my admission to vit may be any branch but not like biotechnology.can i get mechanical.

  15. hi naman i have scored a rank of 11840 in vit and expecting a score of around 180 in aieee.what are my prospects in both .can i get into any nit. im from general category. please reply soon.

  16. hi naman,
    ive got 56000 rank in vit n i ‘m gettin 120 marks in aieee . plz help me out man.. can i get vit and wht bout aieee?.

  17. i got the rank 112100 would i get the admission in any stream and i want to know answer key of gujcet09 please

  18. Hi..Naman..

    My viteee 2009 rank is 10171…What are my chances o getting good branch…Please..

  19. Hi naman,

    My VIT 2009 rank is 14200……Can u plz tell me whether I have any chance of getting admission there and if so in which branches??

    Thank you

  20. sir, i have got rank 8575 in viteee-09,can i get any of the following branches- IT , Mechanical , ECE , EI ,
    if yes then which one?
    plzzzzzzzzzzz reply

  21. hi naman i got 27093 in vit, getting 120 in aieee may i expect any branch in vit or any good college in aieeee

    plz reply

  22. sir i got 13001 in vit-2009.can u please tell me about the chances of getting into VIT and the branches that i can get??????
    please reply a lot of dilemma

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