VITEEE 2008 Cut-Off

There are many people frantically searching for the expected VITEEE(Pronounced as “WITTY”) cutoff.People are asking me if they’ll get into VIT or not.It is very difficult to predict something like this due to the marking scheme.There is no clear figure available for last years cutoff either.Some people say that in VITEEE 2007 the topper scored 105.Different people claim different numbers.Frankly speaking,you will not find the cutoff anywhere.But I have a solution to this which will give you an idea of where you stand.

Here’s the solution
I advise everyone who reads this post to post a comment and write your expected marks in it.Then Bookmark this page and visit it in a few hours and compare your marks with others marks.This way you will get an approximate idea of where you stand.Perhaps we can generalize these marks to get an approximate idea of the VITEEE 2008 cut-off.

For VITEEE 2008 Solutions and Analysis visit the post-Download VITEEE 2008 Solutions

PS-2 IITans were kind enough to comment on this post.Do read their comments,they will be very useful.

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        1. he knows dat because at u can know your rank by entering the name only and he would have entered you name and have checked whose rank matched with yours and from there he got to know about it

      1. sir plzzzzzzz reply……m waiting…is dere any chances for VIT…sir plzzzzzzz say d truth….sir last tym till which rank counselling was held???

  1. sir, my VITEEE 2009 rank is 5197 CAN I GET ”ELECTRONICS & INSTRUMENTATION ”?

    1. without any doubt u can get it.its actually that u may be among the first few students for the counselling in that stream. its not bad about stream but there will be people in top 2000 who will not think only of AIEEE or u can surely get.

  2. Hey Naman,
    Ive gt AIR 9460 in viteee 09.what are my chances of getting electronics and communication or mech or civil?Which one of these is better placement wise?

    Plz reply.

      1. Hey Madhu. I got 15,268. My friend got 9333. He was called for councelling. People say that there will be drop out among top 10,000 ranks from 50 – 70% due to their admission IIT, NIT and BITS. SOme even think of financial status. So if u are lucky that if drop out rwaches 90-95%, there is always a hope.

        1. hey kalyan thank u so much dear…bt jst one last ques…plzzzzz ans dear….c my rank is 30395…ok..n if 15,000 students drop vit 4 sum othr colg den my rank wud becom 15000 so then i may get admisn in vit na???….so is diz possibl or nt…plzzzzz reply ………

    1. hey kalyan thank u so much dear…bt jst one last ques…plzzzzz ans dear….c my rank is 30395…ok..n if 15,000 students drop vit 4 sum othr colg den my rank wud becom 15000 so then i may get admisn in vit na???….so is diz possibl or nt…plzz reply..

  3. Last time admissions were held till 11,000 reank. This time due to increase in competition in IIT, AIEEE, BITSAT, MAHE and EAMCET. IT may hopefully reach 16000!!!!!

  4. What I am saying is truth. SO friends who didn’t do hard work and is suffering now with your results, this is the last opportunity to work hard prove your talent. Write exam of BHARAT UNIVERSITY. Exam may be hopefully after one month. This exam is even for Biology students for Bio tech and dental. Please do work hard. We shall overcome our VITEEE bad result via this last opportunity.

  5. Biotechnology 1500
    For all our there :::::::

    Bioinformatics 2200
    Biomedical Engineering 3400
    Computer Science & Engg. 6000
    Electronics & Communication Engg. 6900
    Mechanical Engineering 7500
    Electrical & Electronics Engg. 9000
    Information Technology 10500
    Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. 11500
    Civil Engineering 13000
    Chemical Engineering 13500

    I got this information from a gr8 site as far as I have tracked, it says that there is an increase of abt 800 seats in VIT this year. And bcoz of increase in govt institutes, there will be very few students attending the counselling, so never lose hope and try. My rank is 8211 and i want CSE, as far as all say CSE is not gettable at 8211 bt still i am thinking to go and try out.

    1. dude how is it that biotech and bioinformatics have a lower cutoff rank than the more popular branches like comp and electronics?? is this college ONLY good for doing biotech or something like that??

      1. kumar its very true one of my brother got last year admission in vit and he told me that bio brnaches generaly closd at 3000 i think abhishek seems right as i got around same detail from my brother

      1. hey rohan ru talking about its really a great site every time i got answer key from them on time and i have joined there free sms service its really a very good site u should also check they have lot of information

  6. sir wat r d chances of getting into vit with a rank of 18890.even if d chances r low then is there any possibility of further lowering of ranks during counselling????

    1. Dude,m too suffering from this prob. I got 8211, and want only and only cs and confused abt whether to go or not ?? I live in delhi, where do u ?

  7. Sir,
    My VITEEE 2009 rank is 8521. Will I be able to get mechanical or chemical in VIT? Also I am getting around 20000 rank in AIEEE. What do you suggest?
    plzz reply.

  8. wil sum1 pls tel me when they r goin to start callin for counselling…..or hav they already…….i’ve got 14929…….hw bad r my chances to get into vit…….wil sum1 pls reply…..this is the 3rd time i am posting this!!!!

    1. before when wil we get a call if they call us for counselling……wil sumone pls answer my question……?!?….pls sir…!!

    1. Hopefully man. You will 99% get into mechanical. The reason is there is an increment in 800 seats and also due to dropdown by the people. Never lose hope.

  9. hey namanb can i got 12865 rank in VIT 2009 do i hav a chnce in getting mechanical other than chemical or civil.I heard from about 100 people in top 2000 including rank in 60’s and 70’s that they r not gonna go into VIT as they have got good ranks in AIEEE and IIT.

  10. hey Madhu,

    Ya, you may get if there is a lot of luck if ur rank is 15000.
    Ny queries regarding VIT, post me 2 my mail ID. because i will not check this site. I always feel happy to help people.

  11. My rank is 8211, is there any chance of getting CSE ?? Plz tell hw much chance is there if u have to tell in percentage ?

  12. hey rank is 13,759…will i get into..?if so..wich branch i may get…?reply me soon…plsssssss……

    1. Well, this time the counselling is expected to go to upto 13500. But you still have a chance in 3rd phase counselling, sometimes later stages of counselling are very unpredictable.

  13. sir,i got a 58388 in VITEEE plz help me sir.i have spoilded my AIEEE n confident of gettin BITSAT-2009…do i have any chances for gettin any branch in VIT under management quota paid seat category…plz help me out…worried abt my future carrer not gettin proper sleep

    1. You will get in VIT management quota if you can afford to pay 10 lakhs. But prefer BITS. It is much better than VIT.


  15. sir i got 19407 in viteee do i have any chance of geting seat in vit please reply me sir i’ll be very thankfull for u if u do so

  16. i got 5583 rank in viteee n i’m expectin arnd 30000-40000 in aieee…what shud i prefer?n is nirma better or vit?
    plzzz reply…

  17. 238 in iitjee(xpecting around 2K-2.5K, 296(xpecting 1.5K-2K,Maharashtra) in AIEEE, but spoiled VITEEE with AIR 4063. Whr to go. I have full plans to take CAT in future…. please suggest with branch and college…

  18. I got 16000 rank. Is there a chance for girls to get in 2009 admission for this rank? I am very curious to know about this

  19. I got 16000 rank. Is there a chance for getting a call for councinling to this rank. Is there a quota for girls seprately in VITEEE 2009.

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