AIEEE 2008 Cut-Off and Analysis

The AIEEE solutions are out.You would have calculated your marks by now.If you haven’t done so,you can do so by visiting my post-Download AIEEE 2008 Solutions.You must be wondering what marks would be good enough to get a rank under 10000.The cut-off will be around 180/315 for a rank under 10000.

The format of the paper changed this year.There were 105 questions in all,35 each of Physics,Chemistry and Maths.The questions carried 3 marks as usual and there was negative marking of -1 mark per wrong question.The paper was really simple but had Assertion Reason type questions which were unexpected.

According to Career Launcher,a score of 60-65 in Maths,55-60 in Physics and 65-70 in Chemistry can be called an excellent score.All the best for the result.You can also post your marks in a comment to compare with others.

Here are some landmark ranks and the score you require for them.Note that my analysis of the cutoff might differ from the actual cutoff by a few marks. You can still comment and post your marks.


Expected Rank





















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306 Replies to “AIEEE 2008 Cut-Off and Analysis”

  1. i am getting 240 in Aieee and i have got 330 in bitsat on 13th may.
    acc. to last year’s cut-offs i think i can get mech./chem. in bits-p ,cse in bits-goa and IIIT-H or maybe nit-w,t from ai3e.

    WHERE should i go???????? is bits-goa gud
    pleez reply

  2. iam getting around 90 in aieee . can i get into any of the colleges which accept aieee score.if ididnnot get cutoff can istill get decent college. what r drop outs.i hav visited aieee web site but icould not under stand abt it. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tel me abt it plzzzzzzzz reply fast

    15 May 08 at 3:14 pm

  3. 240 in aieee is avery good score but with 330 u will get a good branch in bits. bits is excellent & much better than iiit but one drawback is its little bit like a jail.choice is urs

  4. hi i m gettin 170-175 marks in aieee 190 in jee bitsat remaining i m from raj. wats my chances of getting anywhere?

  5. I am getting 160-180 (170 from FIITJEE answers) in AIEEE
    and a score of 241 in BITSAT.
    I am from Bihar.
    What are the best colleges I can expect through AIEEE and can I get a branch @ BITS Hyderabad ?

  6. i m gettin 135 in aieee….i m frm tamil nadu……i belong 2 da reservd category(SC)…….wat will b my rank…..wil i make it 2 sum NIT…if yes which one????

  7. hi naman plez give me more details
    about getting bio medical engg.
    in VIT
    plz… help me I am worried
    I got 15157 rank in VIT

  8. Hi Anil here. Could pls suggest me is it worth dropping college for a year and get trained for jee/aieee and write it in 2009, if confident of scoring good.

  9. hi,
    i want 2 clarify one thing regarding the bitsat. after attempting the additional 12 questions(after 150) can one go back to the first 150 questions? ‘coz one of ma frenz….she has already taken the exam…she told me that u can but i think that she is mistaken. someone plz clarify this….i will be grateful 🙂
    naman thnx 4 the great work.
    ps: also is it advisable to attempt the extra 12 questions ? under what circumstance if so ?
    – shriyaa

  10. Hi Naman..

    with a score of 85 wat are the changes of getting into NIT Trichy under Tamil Nadu state quota.

  11. after attempting 150 questions 12 extra questions are given, but once they r given one will not be able to go back to those 150 questions.when u will ask for extra questions computer will ask u whether u want to continue as u cannot return to those 150 questions.

  12. hi….
    i am aditya radhakrishnan… belongin to tamil nadu open category
    expectin 30000 rank in aieee 2008… wat are my chances in my stae nit and other nit’s as well???

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee reply/…. bit worried…

  13. hey man..u said..”Dude,last year BITS Goa cutoff was 250 while Pilani was 350.BITS Hyderabad cut off will still be lower.”jus wanna correct u..last year..BE chem goa was 296…BE chem pilani was 310..MSc bio goa was 271…Msc bio pilani was 274…Bpharma pilani was 260..goa doesn’t have pharma…
    neways..more gud news for bitsat aspirants…2 new courses r available now…manufacturing in pilani..n naval arch. in goa….
    best of luck!!
    -bitsian(goa campus)

  14. Hi
    Iam Sathya..
    I belong 2 tamilnadu.
    i am getting 186 in aieee..
    will be able to get cs or ece in nit trichy or any other nits…

  15. hey um gettin 130 in AIEEE, do i have a slightest chance of gettin in any NIT, not even by gujarat state rank??!!

  16. naman, with a score of 273 is there any chance for me to get mechanical in bits hyderabad?or anything in bits goa?

  17. hi naman,
    I am ludhiana punjab I am getting 172 in AIEEE could I expect production at PEC Chandigarh & civil at NIT WRANGAL,
    PLZ reply soon I am very tensed.

  18. hlo naman,i m gettin 183 in aieee n 221 in bits i wld lik lik mech in ne of d good cllges.
    cld u tell me my chances of gettig in hyd[bits] or ne good nits ….

  19. hii dere..!
    i am getting a total of 193 in aieee..
    wat rank shud i expect ,,??

    and can anyone tell me the cutoff rank for bits mesra or ranchi??

    and can u tell me is manipal better or hbti kanpur??


  20. hi…
    i’m getting around 140 in aieee….and 235 in bits…. my uptu see rank is 4500…. this was my first attempt…. i’m from up…
    please advice me what should i do…
    which colleges will i get…??
    which will be the best??

    thanks.. Siddharth..

  21. Hi
    My aieee score is in the early to mid 140s, which will get me a rank of about 23,000, right? i know this isn’t good for an NIT through central counselling, but being from karnataka, do you think i stand a chance at chemical engineering in surathkal through the state ranks n state quota? and IF i do, would i get it in the first round or do i have to wait for vacancies? pl let me know soon, i’m UNBELIEVABLY nervous about this!!! thank you!:)

  22. Hi dis is manisha.
    I m expectin just 60 marks in aieee.
    Will i get in any college in engineering?
    I am living in chandigarh,
    but i do have a punjab quota for colleges of punjab.
    And in another exam comedk i m scorin just 51 marks
    is there chance for me in bangalore?
    will i get a good branch?
    and which college i could get?

  23. Hi, I am sarath, I am expecting my marks to be between 160-170, i have taken AIEEE from Gujarat, what state rank and AIR can I expect. Also can I get mechanical field in NIT-calicut? In which NIT’s can I get admission in mechanical field?

  24. plz tell me the good colleges available through ranks of 10000-20000 of aieee… also plz tell me the state reservation for the state of goa…

  25. can u plz tell me which source is realiable for aieee solution as i am getting 225 from fiitjee and 233 from brilliant. also i m expectin 450+ in ceee for delhi.ia m jk migrant .and also i m lloking for electronics in any nit in south.

  26. hey naman i think ur predictions r quiet right nyway im gettin 145 in aieee and can u exactly tell me the range of my air rank coz if i divide the air rank by 53.6 or 53 i will be able to predict ny state rank n do ive any chacesfor nitnagpur coz last yr it ended for25000

  27. Hello naman,
    My aieee result is,
    AIR – 32797
    State rank – 1684
    I am from madhya pradesh and a sc candidate. Do u think I will be able to make it to a good nit? I have also been selected in iit extended list. What would be ur advice, what should I choose?

  28. hi naman…
    i am an sc student from gujarat.i’m getting 952 strte rank and 53000+ AIR…i am an sc candidate getting 102 marks in aieee2008.will i be getting a good branch(mech.) in nit??will it be possible in south nit’s?
    please reply fast..
    i’m in lot of trouble…

  29. Hi,Naman
    i have got 12,258 air in aieee(GN).i am from bihar state rank-395.can i get into NIT warngal.if not what are other NIT i should opt for??

  30. i m from chandigarh, my aiee rank is 17725 and state rank is 352, do i hav any chance in NITs.? and which nITS can i get..? what was the last year closing rank of thapar for civil?

  31. hello sir! u r doing a real job by clearing our doubts.
    sir i jst wanna know as from this year seats in iit has been increased so how much it effect to get colleges thrugh aieee?????????????????
    also i hve chekd opening and closing rank of previous year 4 various NITs,acc to that i am getting civil bt im not interested in it,is there any chance to get CSE,ELECTRONICS or IT or ANY BETTER BRANCH……due to increasd seats in iit.
    my AIR OF AIEEE is 21738,and SR is 840.
    also my bits marks 286 bt i dont think so i’ll get into bits.
    HELP!!!!!! ME SIR.
    im waiting for ur reply eagerly..

  32. sir i got 79 marks with 90000rank …will i get in counseilling and my andhra state rank is 13000 etcplz reply soon

  33. My AIEEE AIR is 57700, maharashtra state rank is 2770.
    Could you please advise on my following querries:
    1. Can I be eligible for cntral counselling
    2. When we will get the counselling dates, (cut-off 1, cut-off-2 etc.) and when are we to fill in form-1 and form-2
    3. do I stand any chance of getting mechanical anywhere through central counseling?
    I sincerely await your reply.

  34. hi naman
    i hv the same doubt as plz do clear it if u hv any idea: )
    what was ur AIEEE air nd state rank?
    also….my bits score is 220. very poor, i know. i ain’t expecting anyting, obviously…bt i was jus wondering if i’d get something lke eco in hyderabad which many wud not want???
    thnx in advance!

  35. ——naman
    despite doing the exam well, my aieee rank is rather poor. with a rank of 18 K what are my chances of getting into BITS ranchi/patna with a course in ECE?
    the aieee website seems to have shut down or from other quarters is not forthcoming. 😐

  36. Hi Naman, I’m Deepthi.I have secured AIEEE rank of 3115 in SASTRA-THANJAVUR.Can I get a merit seat for ECE?

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