VITEEE 2008 Cut-Off

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There are many people frantically searching for the expected VITEEE(Pronounced as “WITTY”) cutoff.People are asking me if they’ll get into VIT or not.It is very difficult to predict something like this due to the marking scheme.There is no clear figure available for last years cutoff either.Some people say that in VITEEE 2007 the topper scored 105.Different people claim different numbers.Frankly speaking,you will not find the cutoff anywhere.But I have a solution to this which will give you an idea of where you stand.

Here’s the solution
I advise everyone who reads this post to post a comment and write your expected marks in it.Then Bookmark this page and visit it in a few hours and compare your marks with others marks.This way you will get an approximate idea of where you stand.Perhaps we can generalize these marks to get an approximate idea of the VITEEE 2008 cut-off.

For VITEEE 2008 Solutions and Analysis visit the post-Download VITEEE 2008 Solutions

PS-2 IITans were kind enough to comment on this post.Do read their comments,they will be very useful.

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NOTE:The names of the people in the comments might not be correct.There may be some impostors.

643 Replies to “VITEEE 2008 Cut-Off”

  1. hey naman

    i ve got 12899
    plzz tell if i hv ne chance of getting in?
    do reply soon… i am damn tensed………….
    waiting for reply


  3. hay naman,
    i had got 15172 seat in viteee and my friend had got around 14072. may we get seat in viteee in second counselluing and in which stream?
    when will the second counselling starts?
    please say yaarrrrrrrrrrrr




  5. @Neeraj-Paid seat perhaps.

    @Utsav-I’m not sure but I think you will have to pay for a seat.

    @Karan-You have a genuine chance of getting in

    @Ankit-Getting civil would be impossible for you too.Your only hope is a paid seat

    @Anon-Yes you will get CS in VIT but also in NIT Warangal or better places.Go for NIT.

    @Atley-Yes,you will get CS.15k is possible but 55k is not even good enough for a paid seat.

    @Sindhur Sharma-You don’t have many choices but Mech is more likely.

    @Sankalp-100% chance of biotech.

  6. Hey Naman..this is a long one.. i got a 10830 rank in VIT and 8600 rank in manipal uget ….do u think either of them can get me into second counselling in any of the college …also with these ranks which fields do u think i can get and finally which is better manipal or vit…..plz reply

  7. hey are doing a GR8 JOB!!! my manipal uget 2008 rank is 1962.will i get mech???i am especting 177 in aieee 2008 but due to difference in solutions put up it may go down to 167.will i get nit surathkal or nit trichy or nit calicut?(state code of eligiility-kerala)in iit jee 2008 i am expecting a miserable 160.(very very…..very low)do i have any chance whatsoever of getting into the extended merit list??thanx in advance.your reply will be well appreciated.

  8. hi naman ! i have secured 7682 rank in vit ! any chances in second round:? if yes wen will i be cld?wat course can i hope fr?please reply

  9. hi naman ! i have secured 7682 rank in vit ! any chances in second round:? if yes wen will i be cld?wat course can i hope fr?please reply

  10. My daughter secured Manipal 3K will get IT and VIT under 15K may get Mech or Civil.What would you suggest considering over all rating of the colleges? Wish you good luck.

  11. hi naman.. i have gotten 1052 rank in viteee-2008. shud i go for counselling?? i am gettin 192 in aieee-2008.
    moreover i’ve heard that vit is much hyped and overadvertized institue.. is it true…
    plzzzz reply…….

  12. hello everybody…
    here i am presenting a clear picture of vit i am a dropout of 1 year, i have seen
    Vit councelling till end…
    to be clear last year the last seat was offered at around 11000 rank…
    believe me, this is the fact…
    so everybody here can now expect, that whether they will be admitted or not..

  13. hare krisna!
    i contact the admission official of vit n talked about 2nd round of counselling to them.they replied that there is no 2nd round of counselling and u should forget about vit if u got rank beyond please namanb bhai help us by confirming the rank procedure of i m getting i able to get seat in mechanical engineering according to yours article regarding 6000-10000 in your blog. i am too tensed as i am a dropper n have not qualify iit jee 2008.
    hare krishna!

  14. i got 9194 rank in vit do i have chance of getting mech. or IT with it in the second round of counselling. i have called to addmission office and ask about 2 counselling but they said that counselling is only upto 8000.

  15. Do u hav viteee 2008 soln for version r
    i m giving it in 2009 nd hping it is a good place 2 go to.
    so cn u tell me wat marks shud i get to get comp sci or IT???

  16. well guys,
    having passed through all this last year,
    I would day, don’t panic too much.

    Just concentrate on your studies, and if it is in you, you stand a good chance to get admission in some credible university.

    And as per VITEEE is concerned, getting above 70 should land you in VIT.

    Though for CSE or ECE you should get around 95.

    Best of Luck..


  17. Hey seniors can u guide me about the paper pattren of VIT.
    And also the cutoff for VITEEE 2009
    And also the cutoff for chemical engg.
    Plz reply soon

  18. Hi Naman,
    I would like to know what should be my marks in VITEEE- 2009 if I wish to get a seat in Bio-Informatics..

    Are bio cutoffs less than that of maths..?
    Please reply soon..

  19. hey which book should i prefer for viteee.
    so that i cn score above 100
    plz do reply yr
    right nw me prefring 15 mock test papers for viteee

  20. hey yr sol. of d last year paper probably has ans to 120th Q (last of maths) wrong….
    suppose no r 3,4,5,8,10
    the variance is 6.80 while the mead is 6
    but suerly a is not d ans
    look at no.. 1,2,3,4
    mean is 2.5 but variance is 0.079
    which contradicts my ans…. cool na
    tell some sol. yar

  21. Hi Naman,

    I will get approximately 80+ marks in VITEEE-2009 (PCB) exam. Can I get the seat in Bio-informatics?


  22. ne idea wats d cutoff dis year….i messed up maths..physics n chem ws much bttr…do dey consider overall mks or mks in each subject bcoz my maths mks wld b low

  23. im expecting to get around 85 to i have any chance 2 get bio informatics.what is the approximate cut off 4 2009 viteee.

  24. Hi Naman
    Im expecting around 72 marks in VITEEE 2009 (Of course plus thos extra marks of around 5-7 marks due to fluke)
    What Branch and RAnk will I get?
    Also When will U upload the olutions?
    Pls reply NAman

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