AIEEE 2008 Cut-Off and Analysis

The AIEEE solutions are out.You would have calculated your marks by now.If you haven’t done so,you can do so by visiting my post-Download AIEEE 2008 Solutions.You must be wondering what marks would be good enough to get a rank under 10000.The cut-off will be around 180/315 for a rank under 10000.

The format of the paper changed this year.There were 105 questions in all,35 each of Physics,Chemistry and Maths.The questions carried 3 marks as usual and there was negative marking of -1 mark per wrong question.The paper was really simple but had Assertion Reason type questions which were unexpected.

According to Career Launcher,a score of 60-65 in Maths,55-60 in Physics and 65-70 in Chemistry can be called an excellent score.All the best for the result.You can also post your marks in a comment to compare with others.

Here are some landmark ranks and the score you require for them.Note that my analysis of the cutoff might differ from the actual cutoff by a few marks. You can still comment and post your marks.


Expected Rank





















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306 Replies to “AIEEE 2008 Cut-Off and Analysis”

  1. hey reply fast…
    and also tell me whether i can clear BITSAT by preparin frm. BITSAT explorer by mtg publications???????

  2. I m getting 210-220 marks according to various keys(yours,Fiijee,Prerna)
    What rank can i expect & Which colleges like DCE,PEC,NITs etc.,in the course ERlectronics & Communication Engineering?

  3. sir
    iam getting 171 in aieee according to brilliants solutions..will i get in NIT calicut with ece or mechanical ..iam from kerala

  4. hi pi u will get into dce or nsit bcoz last year last rank was near about 8000(for mechanical but may b it was after Ist counselling).but plz if u get it opt for dce bcoz nsit does not have good facilities.i m from delhi i know this . all d best.

  5. hi naman , i am getting 215 in aieee and 180 in jee so based on these marks what do u advise me whether i must opt for iit or for good nit’s plzzzz reply………

    neha if u can answer to my query plzzzz o …i am worried

  6. here r my scores
    vitee -72
    now plz let me no were shud i take mi admission?is evry nit better than these privete colls?im expectin civil in manipal?wud it be wise to spend around 10 lac for a course lik civil or shud i opt for a bettr course in ani least rated nits?

  7. hello,
    i m getting around aieee AIR 50,000.can i expect a seat in my state’s central university? my problem is that i m getting only 10 in maths. pls rply….

  8. @sonu-I’m from Delhi and my target is NSIT as there is 85% reservation for Delhi students.

    @Dhruv-I too am a student,who gave JEE this year for the first time.The state quota system is different in every state.

    @Anon-180 can get you to the EML for sure.IIT is tough though.

    @Shrohit-All I can say is that your chances are a bit slim.But you have a chance fo getting through.

    @Sachin-92 is not good enough for NIT.But you might get to other colleges which accept AIEEE scores.For BITSAT read the comments on this post.Your target should be atleast 250-300.

    @Anon-It is very much possible but through state quota only.

    @Neha-You’ll get into IIT but not with a good rank.You’ll be in the top 10,000 in AIEEE.

    @Anon-210 to 220 can get you to some very good colleges.You AIR will be around 5,000

    @pi-Yes it is possible.But DCE has a 40% shortage of faculty and students manage to attend just an average of 1 class per day.

    @Srikanth-Calicut is possible.

    @Anon-Dude,180 might not get you to IIT.So ultimately you’ll have to go to NIT.215 can get you to a really good one.All the best.


    anirudh-You can get a good course in VIT and some NITs(less probable).In your case I would advise you to check the ranking of VIT relative to other options.Perhaps VIT would be good for you.

    abhi-Yes there is some slight hope.Don’t worry,just pray.


  9. Hello friends,

    I am from Maharashtra.Am gettin 180 score according to FIITJEE soln.
    What chances of gettin in thru NIT Trichi / Calicut/Nagpur/Surathkal and alos prefer the branches i cud choose.

    Open category.

    Thnx in advance

  10. ive got 310 in aieee this year.Will i be selected 4 central counciling.i really want 2 study garbage engg at nit srinagar,will i be selected.

  11. hi naman , i am getting about 230 in aieee will i get a good rank and a good seat in nit warangal r trichy…. an from andhra ..and belong to general catogory,,,if i get a seat in viteee do u advise me to join it or opt for nit ,,….

  12. I am expecting about 161-165, i got P-21-25, C-69, M-75, and i am from Haryana.
    Actually i did’t well managed time for physics section, that’s why was unable to solve many easy ques too.
    Tell me in which gud institute can i get CS or ECE.
    Please reply……….

  13. @Bharat-Trichi is not possible but others in your list are.

    @Anon-Depends on the state quota for Assam.

    @Soumendra-I am assuming you mistyped your marks as 310.210 is a very good score and can get you to a decent NIT.110 can’t get you to NIT but you might manage to get to somewhere else.

    @Anon-Your situation is like mine.Many people say that Trichi and Warangal are way better than VIT.Others complain about the infrastructure of NITs.I’m not sure what I’ll do either.Ask some teacher,guide,institute about this one.

    @Anon-Not NIT but the next level of institutes.

    @Anon-Not NIT.But all other institutes which accept AIEEE scores.


  14. hi naman, while reading ur answers icame across d one abt trichy,warangal & vit. trichy & warangal r much better than vit.vit has got very good infratructure but for ur degree trichy and warangal r one of d best.
    one more thing r u from delhi?

  15. hii..
    iam getting 169-170 according to fiitjee solutions…please tell me wat rank can i expect ..please tell will i get nit trichy warangal calicut or surathkal….

  16. HI NAMAN,

    This is akshay from kolkata.
    i m expecting 140 marks in aiee2008, so wat u think will b my AIR & state rank?
    Wats my scope in VNIT(nagpur), NIT suratkal & NIT allahabad??
    Can i get CompSC with state quota in any of the NITs excluding the NITs in south india??

    i dont want to take any stream related to chem & bio, so what stream will u suggest for me to take?

    And 1 more thing, is there any stream in NITs related to communication??

    And wat will b the cutoff for Dhirubhai Ambani Institute(Gujrat) this year?? Any idea??


  17. hi naman i am sameer can u tell me if i can get into NIT kurushetra i am getting around 90 marks and i am an SC student in delhi.

    also tell me if i have good chances of getting into NIT or not


  18. hi naman

    I secured 193 rank in viteee.
    can i get CSE in vit?? should i go there as i am getting around 240 in AIEEE.

    What rank should i expect in AIEEE..

    plez reply

  19. well thank u very much naman!

    just tell me shall prepare for BITSAT frm. BITSAT explorer of mtg publications.


  21. @Neha-Yes I’m from Delhi

    @Srikanth-top 10,000

    @Max-NIT is a bit difficult

    @Anon-Perhaps you can as you are an SC candidate

    @Anon-Around 40,000


    @Anon-Yes you can expect mech in calicut



    @Sonu-You will be called.But why do you care?You’ll get to IIT anyways.

    @Nikhil-Its a bit tough to get to NIT but other colleges are easily possible


    @ANON-Comp in VIT for sure but don’t go there as you can go to trichi/warangal or IIIT-H instead.

    @Srinivasan-AIR 20,000

    @sg-Tough chances.You can get to some decent colleges though.

  22. hi naman i got almost 60 marks in aieee & i m sc condidate is there any chance for NIT or good ccb counselling plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply as soon as possible

  23. hii naman
    iam getting 165 in aieee and iam from kerala,wat rank can i expect.will i get mechanical in NIT calicut.please reply

  24. hi naman me getin arnd 180 sc/st can i get mech in nit trichy im from kerala
    i wrote d center no wrong on my answer sheet is dat a cause f concern

  25. hi naman
    i am getting around 150 in aieee and belong to sc(frm mh).is there any chance in nit trichy,suratkal,nagpur,allahabad.
    also can i try for dce or pec

  26. hi naman iam getting 86-93 in iget any good engg college? is there any entrance 4 PSG COLLEGE OF TECH coimbatore,VNIT,VJIT mumbai,bangalore inst of tech,RV college of engg. or any good colleges in south india.iam tensed plz reply soon. ihav to get into some good college or else ihav 2 die. plz plz reply fast and completely

  27. hii naman , i am expecting around 210-215 in aieee 2008 . i am from A.P. can i expect a seat in nit warangal plzzz reply…and also please tell my stae rank what can it be.plzzzzzzzzzzzz i am tensed..

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