Roger Federer truly deserves the title-‘Mr. Perfect Serve’.His match against Lopez in the US Open proved this.After losing the first set to Lopez,he won the rest of the three sets convincingly.After getting his serve broken in the first set,he lost just 10 points on his serve in the next three sets.He also won 32 consecutive serve points.It was to look at the scoreboard to see the points as-15-0,30-0,40-0 and ultimately game.Lopez had no answer to his serve.The final score was 3-6,6-4,6-1,6-4.It was simply great to watch the match.I’m pretty sure that Federer will be the 2007 US Open champion which would make it 4 in a row for him.He will face Andy Roddick in his next match i.e. in the quarter finals.


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