While browsing today,I just noticed that according to Google,my school's website-http://www.dpsvasantkunj.com(click at your own risk) can harm your computer.The website is maintained by Mr Satpal who is not a proper web designer.Something should be done about this.GQ told me that the source code is very long and has too many useless lines in it.Here's the proof.I even have screen-shots to show you.Here are they I have even taken a screen-shot with the snap preview to clarify that this has in no way been edited.Special thanks to the Snap Shots add-on for Mozilla Firefox for this one.Here they are-

Here's another one-

Click on the screen-shots for a better view.This is what Google has to say about it.It's up to you to believe it or not.It's better to play safe if you are a windows user.

After a discussion with GQ,I inferred that a possible reason for this can be the spread of Brontok viruses through the school network.A tip to every student who uses pen drives at school-Be careful before inserting the pen drive and scan your pen drive later.This obviously is insignificant and doesn't make sense if you are a Linux user like me.

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