Eye-Fi: Make Your Camera Wireless

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Whenever I go for a vacation, I take my camera with me and click loads of pictures to capture those moments forever. As soon as the vacation ends, the people around me make me feel that carrying my camera with me was the biggest mistake of my life. Every friend, relative I meet has the same old question to ask- “Where are the photos from your vacation?”. All of a sudden everyone around me mercilessly asks for the pictures without understanding the hassles of transferring and uploading all the pictures. Whenever I decide that its about time and I should transfer the photos to my computer, I waste an hour looking for the USB cable which often ruins my plans of transferring the pictures. Eventually, the photos stay in the camera till my memory card gets full and I have no option but to transfer the photos. Does this sound familiar? I’m sure I’m not the only one who faces this problem.

I definitely need something to make photo sharing simpler. Eye-Fi is a Wi-Fi enabled SD card. Sounds interesting? Read on. Just insert the eye-fi card into your existing camera, snap photos and videos and all you need to do when you go home is to turn the camera on with your computer or wireless router on. It automatically transfers all your pictures and videos to your computer and organizes it in date based folders. It can also upload your photos and videos to your favorite web sharing site like Flickr and Facebook. Here’s a video that shows how the eye-fi card works-

To give you an idea of how good it can be to have a eye-fi card, consider a situation when you’re on a vacation and you don’t have access to a computer. You run out of memory and you need all the pictures stored in your card. Sounds like a very probable situation, doesn’t it? You are helpless if you own an ordinary card. If you are using a eye-fi SD card, all you need to do is step into a Wi-fi hotspot and turn your camera on. The pictures and videos will be uploaded to your favorite sharing site and you can free space on your card without loosing your photos. So if you’ve had enough of depending on the unreliable USB cable and memory card reader that get lost very often, switching to Eye-Fi can truly make your camera wireless.
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ShopWiki Desktop Computer Buying Guide

Shopwiki is a guide for shopping online. It is like a shopping search engine. It crawls different online stores just like search engines like Google do. Conventionally, shopping sites show only those stores that pay for placement but ShopWiki is the ultimate shopper’s guide. ShopWiki not only provides stores but also has an extensive Wiki. Its a complete shopping guide.

The desktop computers buying guide is a good guide for people who don’t know the basics of a computer. ShopWiki has a guide for everything you can think of. They have a separate guide for buying Printers, Computer Monitors, Keyboards and all other peripherals.

Buying a computer mouse can be a bit tricky. Although it is neglected very often, a good mouse makes a lot of difference. The number of options available while selecting a mouse is mind boggling. There’s even a Computer Speakers buying guide. In short, Shopwiki has guides to buy all the parts of a desktop computer. ShopWiki is not limited to desktops or laptop computers. It includes guides for buying all kinds of products.

PayPerPost v4.0


Payperpost was one of the first blog advertising networks based on the sponsored post model. A lot of blog advertising networks have followed the path laid by PayPerPost but nothing has been as big as PPP. Izea’s other advertising network SocialSpark gets close to PayPerPost but is not as big as PPP was in pre-RankSpank days. Izea recently launched PayPerPost v4.0 which aims to help PPP regain its position.

PayPerPost lost popularity after the RankSpank incidents and a better search-engine friendly advertising network was due to come. People might have thought that SocialSpark will be Izea’s main focus but the launch of PayPerPost v4.0 has proved that PayPerPost will live and Izea will not shut-down its most popular service.


PayPerPost v4.0 has many new features making it a great improvement to PPP v3. It has a nice clean interface for bloggers. Bloggers set their own blog prices and the advertiser no longer sets the prices. Advertisers get to control every aspect of their opportunities. They can hand-pick bloggers and manually approve their posts. Bloggers also have an option to limit themselves to posts with nofollow links.

PPP v4.0 is ready to come out of its alpha stage. The response from bloggers has been great. They are currently looking for advertisers who want toAdvertise On Blogs. Izea always takes good care of its advertisers and hence keeps its clients happy. So I expect a lot of advertisers to sign up on PayPerPost v4.0 to promote their website or service. PayPerPost v4.0 is going to be big.

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Samsung R522 Laptop Review

The Samsung LogoIn the past few days, I’ve had a look at quite a few laptops that were launched recently. The Samsung R522 is one of them. Launched in May 2009, the Samsung R522 was recommended to me by a friend. I decided to visit the Samsung dealer in West Patel Nagar for a demo.

The first thing I noticed about the laptop was its glossy, metallic body. Next, I noticed the funky touch-pad with a backlit border strip and immediately fell in love with it. I was satisfied with the looks and now it was time to use the laptop. The Anti Bacterial Keyboard is nice and the touchpad material made it easy to control the mouse pointer. Many laptops are badly designed in the sense that your fingers tend to touch the touchpad while typing and it causes a lot of irritation. The Samsung R522 has a perfect design to avoid such problems.The Samsung R522The laptop has a 1.3 Mega Pixel Webcam and a 15.6 inch 16:9 widescreen display. The 6 cell battery, gives it a battery life of up to 5 hours which I must say, is very impressive. The keyboard is not only Anti Bacterial, it also happens to be spill resistant. The Laptop is powered by a 2.0 GHz Intel Core2 Duo T6400 processor, has 2 GB DDR2 RAM and a 250 GB hard disk making it a great laptop for home use. The Samsung R522 is basically, a competitor of the Dell Inspiron series of laptops. Priced at around, Rs 37399, the Samsung R522 seems to be a better buy as it has many small but important features that are not present in the Dell Inspiron series.

You can read some more reviews of the Samsung R522 before forming an opinion about it. To get an even better idea of the laptop, you should visit your nearest Samsung dealer for a demo.

This was my opinion about the Samsung R522. But your opinion equally matters. What do you think about it? Will the Samsung R522 laptop be a success? People know Samsung better as an electronics brand and don’t treat it like other Laptop brands. I just don’t understand why someone should be skeptical about buying a Samsung laptop. If it has better features and is better value for your money, why should you bother about the brand? What would you prefer-an incapable Vaio or a fully loaded Samsung R522?