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July 8, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Blogging, Reviews, Web D.

Payperpost was one of the first blog advertising networks based on the sponsored post model. A lot of blog advertising networks have followed the path laid by PayPerPost but nothing has been as big as PPP. Izea’s other advertising network SocialSpark gets close to PayPerPost but is not as big as PPP was in pre-RankSpank days. Izea recently launched PayPerPost v4.0 which aims to help PPP regain its position.

PayPerPost lost popularity after the RankSpank incidents and a better search-engine friendly advertising network was due to come. People might have thought that SocialSpark will be Izea’s main focus but the launch of PayPerPost v4.0 has proved that PayPerPost will live and Izea will not shut-down its most popular service.


PayPerPost v4.0 has many new features making it a great improvement to PPP v3. It has a nice clean interface for bloggers. Bloggers set their own blog prices and the advertiser no longer sets the prices. Advertisers get to control every aspect of their opportunities. They can hand-pick bloggers and manually approve their posts. Bloggers also have an option to limit themselves to posts with nofollow links.

PPP v4.0 is ready to come out of its alpha stage. The response from bloggers has been great. They are currently looking for advertisers who want toAdvertise On Blogs. Izea always takes good care of its advertisers and hence keeps its clients happy. So I expect a lot of advertisers to sign up on PayPerPost v4.0 to promote their website or service. PayPerPost v4.0 is going to be big.

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