ShopWiki Desktop Computer Buying Guide

July 23, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Reviews, Tech Talk.

Shopwiki is a guide for shopping online. It is like a shopping search engine. It crawls different online stores just like search engines like Google do. Conventionally, shopping sites show only those stores that pay for placement but ShopWiki is the ultimate shopper’s guide. ShopWiki not only provides stores but also has an extensive Wiki. Its a complete shopping guide.

The desktop computers buying guide is a good guide for people who don’t know the basics of a computer. ShopWiki has a guide for everything you can think of. They have a separate guide for buying Printers, Computer Monitors, Keyboards and all other peripherals.

Buying a computer mouse can be a bit tricky. Although it is neglected very often, a good mouse makes a lot of difference. The number of options available while selecting a mouse is mind boggling. There’s even a Computer Speakers buying guide. In short, Shopwiki has guides to buy all the parts of a desktop computer. ShopWiki is not limited to desktops or laptop computers. It includes guides for buying all kinds of products.

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