AIEEE and BITSAT Cutoffs

Recently I’ve been receiving loads of queries about AIEEE ranks and BITSAT scores.It will take me hours to reply to all these queries if I visit each and every post and reply to the comments,all thanks to Blogger’s commenting system.

If you wish to check your chances of getting admission to any of the NITs or IIITs etc.,you can check last year’s opening rank and closing ranks by clicking here.The ranks will be more or less similar this year except for the fact that a few extra IIT seats can give people with ranks in the higher range some hope.

Here’s a solution to your BITSAT queries.Last year’s BITSAT cutoffs(I got these from Ankur’s post)

BITS Pilani,Pilani Campus

BITS Pilani,Goa Campus

For Hyderabad Campus,don’t expect the cutoffs to be low.The cutoffs for Pilani and Goa will definitely go up as this is the general trend.

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All of my exams are finally over and now you can expect lots of posts because I have nothing to do at all.Here’s a summary of all the exams-

IIT JEE-As expected,I didn’t qualify in JEE 2008.

VITEEE-VITEEE was easy but the no negative marking policy is cruel.I can get into VIT but I won’t get CS or IT,so what’s the point?Secondly,I don’t feel that VIT is a good college as I have heard numerous negative remarks about it.

AIEEE-AIEEE was a relief after JEE and VITEEE.I am expecting a good result in AIEEE and a seat in CS in a good NIT.

BITSAT-BITSAT was a shocker.I probably made too many silly mistakes and reduced my marks.Perhaps the time slot didn’t suit me that well.

CEE-I appeared for the DCE,NSIT common entrance exam(CEE) today.Those guys took away the question paper too so its difficult to say anything.All I can say is that I have a chance of getting through.

Conclusion-I will probably get into a decent engineering college this year.

IIT JEE 2008 Cut Off and Analysis

First of all,if you don’t know,I’ve already uploaded the IIT JEE 2008 solutions.To download IIT JEE 2008 solutions, visit my last post-IIT JEE 2008 Solutions.Once you download the solutions and calculate your marks,you should resume reading this post.

The experts have said that the performance will go down this year.I’ll stick to the point and come directly to the topic of cut-offs.The cut-off is expected to be around 160 for a rank.You can get more information about the rank you’ll get by visiting the 100Percentile blog.Manmohan Gupta or more popularly known as Munna Bhaiya of VMC has made a nice post about the rank you can expect.The actual marks you’ll need might be slightly less than what is mentioned there.I won’t disclose too much about my marks but I think its safe to say that I’ll at least make it to the Extended Merit List.Loads of exams to go and I’m confident that I’ll score higher in them.

Since I missed the date to apply to NTU, the next exam for me is Witty VITEEE(VIT Engineering Entrance Examination).Well if you don’t know what VIT stands for,it Vellore Institute of Technology.VIEEE will be interesting as it has no negative marking.I’ve heard that a score of 100/120 is good enough for a good course.

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Download VITEEE 2008 Solutions

VITEEE 2008 Cut-off

Download IIT JEE 2008 Solutions

Finally,you can download the IIT JEE 2008 Solutions.I’ve uploaded the IIT JEE 2008 Paper1 and Paper2 answer key and solutions in pdf format.You can download the solutions if you haven’t checked it on 100Percentile.I’ve even added the answer key to both the papers.Keep checking the downloads below,I’ll regularly edit the list.Do tell me/leave a comment if the links don’t work.

Download IIT JEE 2008 Solutions-

Paper1 Solutions-
IIT JEE 2008 Paper-1 Solutions-Released by Narayana IIT Academy

IIT JEE 2008 Paper-1 Solutions-Released by Career Launcher’s ARC

IIT JEE 2008 Paper-1 Solutions-Compressed Form

IIT JEE 2008 Paper-1 Solutions-Released by FIITJEE

IIT JEE 2008 Paper-1 Solutions-Released by Brilliant Tutorials

Paper2 Solutions-
IIT JEE 2008 Paper-2 Solutions-Released by Career Launcher

IIT JEE 2008 Paper-2 Solutions-Released by FIITJEE

IIT JEE 2008 Paper-2 Solutions-Released by Brilliant Tutorials

Combined Solutions
Combined Solution of Paper1 and Paper2-Released by Narayana

IIT JEE 2008 Solutions -FIITJEE Archive-723 KB

IIT JEE 2008 Solutions -ARC Archive-745 KB

IIT JEE 2008 Solutions -Brilliant Tutorials Archive-1.6MB

Answer Key-
IIT JEE 2008 Paper 1

IIT JEE 2008 Paper 2

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