IIT JEE 2008 Cut Off and Analysis

April 14, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: IIT JEE, VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

First of all,if you don’t know,I’ve already uploaded the IIT JEE 2008 solutions.To download IIT JEE 2008 solutions, visit my last post-IIT JEE 2008 Solutions.Once you download the solutions and calculate your marks,you should resume reading this post.

The experts have said that the performance will go down this year.I’ll stick to the point and come directly to the topic of cut-offs.The cut-off is expected to be around 160 for a rank.You can get more information about the rank you’ll get by visiting the 100Percentile blog.Manmohan Gupta or more popularly known as Munna Bhaiya of VMC has made a nice post about the rank you can expect.The actual marks you’ll need might be slightly less than what is mentioned there.I won’t disclose too much about my marks but I think its safe to say that I’ll at least make it to the Extended Merit List.Loads of exams to go and I’m confident that I’ll score higher in them.

Since I missed the date to apply to NTU, the next exam for me is Witty VITEEE(VIT Engineering Entrance Examination).Well if you don’t know what VIT stands for,it Vellore Institute of Technology.VIEEE will be interesting as it has no negative marking.I’ve heard that a score of 100/120 is good enough for a good course.

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20 comments on “IIT JEE 2008 Cut Off and Analysis

  1. hi,
    to begin with we appreciate the opportunity to thank you for viewing the solutions on http://www.jeecarnot.com and share our happiness over being the fastest in the country to upload the solutions by 11:30 p.m.,13th april.we acknowledge the 30 hrs of optimized work of part of carnot team of 30 iitians composed of c.s. elec junta.we also could not help the enthoo of a.i.r. 1 jee 2007 achin bansal:) and he was one of the 30 of carnot team.as some of you might be knowing,that we have recently made http://www.jeecarnot.com open to all from restricted access ,and we did not expect such a rush without a single newspaper ad or seminar. once we have tested all the softwares of trajecory up to our benchmraks let us present you our automated rank projection ,which ll start working from 10:00 a.m. 15th april.
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    GETTN 245 IN JEE 08…Hope Iget a decent rank here!!!

    sorry buddy but we again stand as competitiors in VITEE 08

  3. Well,I saw the same comment on many popular jee posts.Thus I assumed that it was for the sake of publicity,

    But I’ve realized that you were just boasting about being the fastest.

  4. more then boasting we believe we were u can see that we have said nothing of this sort on aieee solutions link.when we were not.by the way we request your feedback for the new version of http://www.jeecarnot.com.

  5. Somu-Greatness lies in modesty and not in publicity.I don’t think that there’s anything great in being the first to upload the solutions.It’s no measure of intelligence as the paper was easy.It depends on how fast you can prepare a soft copy and upload it.

    Also you need to enter your email ID or login for the solutions.That isn’t very convenient.I’ve tried doing that and the solutions were sent.But later I realized that you add emails to your list and spam people.There is no option to unsubscribe from spam you send which includes orkut links and what not.

    Strictly speaking about the website design I would say that the design has improved and its good as compared to the websites of other such websites

  6. Nobody claimed anything for the AIEEE 2008 solutions as there really isn’t anything great in being the first to do so.Its not a big issue for them.

    What’s important is that solutions need to be easily available to the students and they should not be asked for their email id or roll number.

    • Badtux, in gwb’s world a 1000 lb bomb is as s ubtle as he can think.//My replies to MB and TW are also correct for your observations. // My concern is that America can’t see thru this sad state of affairs.Where is a leader saying what you so accurately state?//All that goes around comes around.Thank you lord, thank you jesus. jim

  7. i did not comment on the way you are hosting the links of those who are commercially in to it.i mean you could have posted one thread named solutions of blah exam,rank estimate of blah exam,had you solved it yourself.did not comment on the width of the rank range which puts a question mark on it’s meaningfulness in some cases.did not speculate,what incentive you have for hosting these links bearing names of these players.i still don’t take your childish label “spam” personally ,but considering my role in carnot i find it inevitable to wonder will you call feed blitz newsletter a spam too:)we ll be using that soon.thanks for your feedback.but i simply spoke the reality,what i did not know that i m speaking it in the face of a 17 yr old [if i m correct]moral police:)it looked like the blog of just another jee enthusiast.i need not justify what we write in our mails as you don’t qualify to ask an explanation,yes you are FREE to whin.by the way i liked your blog very much.good work keep i up.i m done with you.so an answer to me will really be a waste.
    wish you all the best.

  8. I am a 17 year old and was a bit rude.What I meant to say is that you should give users a check-box if they want updates from you when you ask email ids.I feel it would be ethical that way.Secondly I feel that hosting these links will reduce their server traffic and nothing else.My loyalties will always be towards VMC as I’m a student of VMC.Thanks for the comment on my blog and I didn’t mean to be rude.Best of luck for your website.

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