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May 31, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: DPS Vasant Kunj, IIT JEE, VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

All of my exams are finally over and now you can expect lots of posts because I have nothing to do at all.Here’s a summary of all the exams-

IIT JEE-As expected,I didn’t qualify in JEE 2008.

VITEEE-VITEEE was easy but the no negative marking policy is cruel.I can get into VIT but I won’t get CS or IT,so what’s the point?Secondly,I don’t feel that VIT is a good college as I have heard numerous negative remarks about it.

AIEEE-AIEEE was a relief after JEE and VITEEE.I am expecting a good result in AIEEE and a seat in CS in a good NIT.

BITSAT-BITSAT was a shocker.I probably made too many silly mistakes and reduced my marks.Perhaps the time slot didn’t suit me that well.

CEE-I appeared for the DCE,NSIT common entrance exam(CEE) today.Those guys took away the question paper too so its difficult to say anything.All I can say is that I have a chance of getting through.

Conclusion-I will probably get into a decent engineering college this year.

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  1. hai NAMAN …

    I got 1972 rank in JEE and 313 marks in BITSAT…My VIT rank was 7433…wat do u suggest…about IIT branches.

    • Pada dasarnya backlink yg berkualitaslah yang akan menentukan tingkat page rank website/blog kita dimata google. catatan penting: page rank tinggi belum tentu berpengaruh terhadap SERP, pada kenyataannya sering ditemui website dengan PR cuma 1 atau bahkan 0 mampu nangkring diposisi 1 atau 10 besar hasil pencarian serach engine.semoga bermanfaat…

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