The eight pointer tale

October 12, 2011 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: MANIT Bhopal.

/*Note:My 7th semester in college is busier than I thought it would be. Exam time seems to be the time I get the most free time ironically 😀 . I was going through the unpublished drafts and found this entry dated 16th June 2011. I have no clue what I wanted to write about back then though */

My twitter followers would already know, my 6th semester result came out earlier this month and I managed an all time personal best SGPA of 8.37. This is the first time I managed to cross 8. So, though it was a very forgettable semester for me, I decided to look back at my 6th semester and compare it with the rest of my college life to find out the secret behind the unusually high GPA. I’ll restrict myself to discussing academic stuff for the sake of this post.

This is the point where I stopped typing on 16th June. Now the only part I remember about the 6th semester was that it was the semester in which I studied the least. I had to submit a minor project which weighed a good number of credits and helped me boost up my GPA. The only other difference from the previous semesters was that I studied with a friend of mine who is a day scholar. That helped a lot as for the first time in my college life, I was able to complete my course well before the exams. Have a minor tomorrow, signing off with a couple of notes for myself-

1. I should study with a friend if I want better grades
2. I should make a rough draft of a post else I might end up forgetting what I wanted to write in some time.

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