Auto-rotate applications in Samsung Corby PRO(GT-B5310)

May 25, 2010 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: MobiWorld.

Not very recently, in January, I bought a new phone- the Samsung Corby PRO aka GT-B5310, known as the Genio PRO in the UK. The Corby series is great value for money and I’ll be posting a review of the phone and reasons for buying it soon.

The phone has a sliding QWERTY keypad and so most of the inbuilt apps and stuff rotates automatically when you slide-out the keypad. If you’ve been using the Corby PRO for a while, you would’ve noticed that the additional Java applications you’ve installed don’t have auto-rotate support and its quite a PITA to type with the QWERTY keypad while the display is in portrait mode. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. All you need is an archive manager and a text editor. Here’s what you need to do-

1. Download the jar file on your computer.
2. Use an archive manager to open it and edit the MANIFEST.MF file found in the META-INF folder.
3. Add these lines at the bottom of MANIFEST.MF to enable support for auto-rotate-

X-Pax-Keyboard: Qwerty
X-Pax-TextInput-Hidden: true
MIDlet-Touch-Support: TRUE
MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE

4. Save the jar archive after making the above changes.

Now transfer the jar file to your phone. But there’s a catch here too. The Corby PRO’s OS doesn’t allow you to install Java applications by just opening jar files from the file manager. The only way to install applications is by downloading them from your phone. But thinking about it carefully, you don’t really need to upload the jar file anywhere. All you need to do is create a HTML page and transfer it along with the jar file to your phone. Opening the HTML page from your phone will open it using the phone’s web browser and you won’t need GPRS to install the application. Here’s what you need to do to create the html file-

1. Open a text editor like notepad.
2. Write this in the file-

<a href=”<insert filename here>”>Install Application</a><br>

Replace with the name of the jar file; for example, if you are installing the IM client Palringo and the file name is Palringo.jar, the code would be-

<a href=”Palringo.jar”>Install Application</a><br>

3. Save the file with a .html extension and give it any name like installer.html

Now when you open the HTML file from your phone, you’ll see a Install Application link. Clicking on it will install the Jar file you just edited. I managed to get all the applications I use to auto-rotate like this apart from those ones which don’t let you download the jar file from your computer. This should work for all applications. If you face any problems, feel free to leave a comment.

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117 comments on “Auto-rotate applications in Samsung Corby PRO(GT-B5310)

      • hey i did as told, but the application is not installed on my phone…. can you help me???? i mean when i click on the link, it says an error occured…what does it mean?? and does it need and internet connection on my phone??

        • it totally depend on software u r using for ur phone
          if its just a game then it dosent need internet connection if its a software then definitely it will need a internet connection
          when ever ur downloading any software form the net plz see that its a complete file normally a mobile file is not more than 200 to 300 kb

          if the software is less than 90 kb then it will definitely charge you when you will install it on ur phone

  1. i tried exactly as u said…bt weni install is not getting installed.
    what shud i do..??

  2. I tried has you say, but its failed,

    If you provide the video tutorial it will be more useful

      • yup sure,

        1)I have download the game with .jar format
        2)Unzip that .jar file
        3)And edited the MANIFEST.MF to enable support for auto-rotate
        4)Then I used the jar maker to make the .jar file. It is created like application.jar
        5)And then I installed it in my phone.
        6)It show application failed.

        • You don’t really need to use a special jar maker, use any archiver and make a zip file and rename it to jar. It should work.

          Another thing that might have gone wrong can be the html file. Make sure that the html file and jar are in the same folder and you’ve created the html file according to the instructions provided.

        • Good for you – its my promise to myself as well – to try and dedicate more time to crtitivaey and not get so bogged down in the end result that i end up not getting to the end resultOh – and not buying any chocolate from the works vending machine either

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  3. Naman..

    Seriously ur the man…

    It works totally fine…

    thnx a zillion for the solution… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    U rock !!!

  4. Hello,
    I have a Corby Pro too… But, i’m encontering some problems with Java apps.

    1)For exampler, i have installed the Google Maps App. It’s OK. I have evend used it to locate mySelf. But, after closing it, i cannot retrieve it again on my phone. When i try to installed again, the popup tell me the app. exists on my Corby Pro.

    The problem is that i cannot find Java apps afetr installing them. I mean i need kind of a shortcut or icon to launch them when ever i want to.

    Please help.

    2)Also, Video Youtube dont play. It stacks on the buffering (Buffering 0%).

    3) The Desktop App for Sumsung “Kies”, close by itself when i launch the “Samsung App Store” icon. It tells me “The choosen Application Are not supported by your phone”, knowing i haven’t choosen any application yet to install.
    I click Just on the “OK” button on the popup telling “You have to update your Kies Application at first”

    – The kies Application is up to date ( the latest version)
    – my phone lnked to the Maroc Telecom mobile operator (Morocco)

    Best Regards,

    • Hey naman,

      Well after ur solution to the rotate problem u gave.. ma cell phone seriously feels good.. and hey i had one more query..
      well can u suggest me a few good java games that r really enjoyed on Samsung B5310??… i did serach but most of em r not compatable…
      So please put up a few links or a few names of games that would really work.. and B5310 user would really enjoy

      Thanks & Regards

  5. hey buddy ,

    can any one help me , i have problem in installing
    Applications ex- jar files in my new corby pro and
    tell me what type of vedio formats does this mobile

    please tell me how to do it.

    • mp4 3gp etc …. best software is magic video converter u can mail me (gsprash(@)gmail(.)com) or search online .

      hope it helps…

    • hey it supports mp4 but dude b careful….their is one simple mp4 in converters and their is one mobile mp4 or blackberry mp4…(i tried in xilisoft video converter)
      i downloaded video from yoputube and it was approx…96mb…of mp4 format…and then i convert it into best of video and audio qualities…and its size was 29mb……and it works perfectly……..any problem u can mail me at

  6. hey, what code needs to be added for auto rotate in games, same?
    i do not want any qwert keyboard on screen.

  7. naman…nice information…but still i cant rotate the screen…i unzipped the jar file…then i changed inserted wat u said in manifest and..then i selected all files of that jar file right clicked and selected add to archive..changed the name to 123.jar..and then created the html file (exactly as u said) but getting error in mobile…

    if i dont do d first step and directly do 2nd step it works fine but no screen rotation…HELP

    • the jar file using winrar or winzip ….
      2.extract once the MANIFEST.MF on your desktop ….
      3.right click properties and change open with to NOTEPAD . from nxt time u can edit directly in winrar .

      the content in the html file here

      1.()()(install grmn dict.jar)()

      plz remove the brackets and also replace your file name.


  9. 1) Which type of mobile application support in samsung corby B5310 mobile?

    2) i try many time java format but not suppotded

    3) How to record during voice call?

    • Try installing using the above mentioned procedure , if still problem persists reset your mob by *2767*3855# ( remember to backup all your contacts ,pics etc EVERYTHING in phone memory ) .
      then try again it should work.
      best of luck

  10. Thanks for such a wonderful info.
    my question is
    some games need the left an right key
    for example in the starting for sound
    yes is the left and no is right
    as all of it dissappear how do i go ahead

    • many games do not support the touch facility. so u have to install games and check if they work no other go .

  11. super solution!! i was struggling to install .jar files on my new corby phone..thanks for the help…yet to try the auto rotater though….

  12. hi man i read ur post of auto rotate but i m not abke to understand the process of it really can u xplain in deatil or fully step by step plspls

  13. Hi dude,
    Thanks a lot for the info. I tried the same with Asphalt 4 Elite Racing Game (asphalt4el_b7irwxpy.jar).
    It installed correctly, also the keypad disappeared and auto-rotate is working. But, the touch-screen is not working for the app. Can you identify what the prob could be?
    Would appreciate if you could include the code to use motion sensor instead of the keypad. To navigate left-right (I have the same game on Nokia 5800 XM, which works on the motions sensor)

  14. Hi Naman

    I need help.First what is an archive manager.How and where to download it?.Next how to disable the touch and enable the qwerty while playing games.

    Thanks a ton in advance

  15. Naman:-

    Use an archive manager to open it and edit the MANIFEST.MF file found in the META-INF folder.

    i didnt understand this….wat exactly is archive manager…..and wat is MANIFEST.MF file found in the META-INF folder.

  16. Hi,

    I’ve got a small problem…I did exactly as you said all the steps everything but when I try to install it the corby opens the java file then sais Failed to install. I click the little exclamation and it sais “invalid content” I’m trying to install Opera Mini 5

    Thanks in advance

  17. hey….u told dat to save de file but when i rename it is still in zip is not showing in jar format..i used jar produced a file with 32 mb..pls reply me

    • Open the Jar file with WINRAR or WINZIP ….
      double click the file u want to modify ( ..
      it will ask open with , open it with notepad add the additional content.. enjoy
      Best of luck

  18. hi naman

    u have really given a good worked for me for small jar files up to 1 mb but when i install 8mb dictionary it downloads fine but when it plays ………says “invalid java format” i have tried with two different dictionary with all possible ways

    please help and reply

    • i got something of my problem

      matter isn’t of size but of the format the jar files contains as error says ‘java error :invalid format’;

      bigger size file containing .bin and .pdb file which was invalid format for my corby pro

      but can anybody help me in converting these file to desired format ?

  19. hey everyone.
    when i try to install jar files above 1MB, it doesn’t allow me. has anyone got a remedy to this yet ?

  20. hello ..
    i jst bought the corby pro ..
    hw do i configure the exchange activsync ? nd hw cn i chat using palringo ?? ( i have gmail account )
    also i need some widget nd software for daily news updates ?
    i am nt abl to install the applications listed in samsung mobile website .. wt to do ??
    ny games for this fne ??
    i lv the fne bt searchin fr apps fr dis fne is impossible ..
    plz hlp me out ..
    thnx ..

  21. man…………
    thanks a lot……….
    i would be really great full to u if you could specify some good game links ……………

  22. dude …some apps and game when installed of 240×320 size…then when i slide the qwerty board then it doesn’t properly fits in the screen… tell me some cool games like racing n all that can be played both by sliding the qwerty and not sliding the qwerty and also the method to correct the above told problem of mine,…….thanxx in advance…..plz tell me dude….waiting for some good replies….

  23. i have installed softwares in my corby pro but i dont know how to access them.Isnt there a icon or a shortcut in corby pro? i know that the software is installed properly because when i try to reinstall,it says software already installed.plz help me find a solution to this so that i can use the softwares

  24. i have installed softwares in my corby pro but i dont know how to access them.Isnt there a icon or a shortcut in corby pro?

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  25. WOW. that was so amazing!!!. But i noticed no need to create html and all the stuf… Just edit jar , copy and paste into phone memory card and double click and installed fine….

  26. i want a dictionary on my corby b5310 i dont have internet connection on my phone. plz help me…how to save it plz tell me entire process…

  27. Thanks naman ,,,
    i tried so hard to install jar file by making html file
    and also make rotate but failed

    when i click on html file it opens d link but
    when i click on d link it says invalid url

    im trying to install jar file from last month but still not succeeded

  28. Hi naman, iam using samsung corby s3653 model. In that palringo s/w is not working. It is always showing server is not connected. can u plz help me by providing any solution. Iam waiting for ur reply. Iam facing this problem from the first day of purchase onwards.

  29. Hey guys. I tried downloading apps and games through Samsung Kies, but I dont think Corby Pro is supported on that. I thought Id be happy with the phone, but no matter how much i try I can never install any good game or apps on this phone.
    I need urgent help. Am in half a mood to throw away this phone. ๐Ÿ™

    • Hi Gaurav, I am using Samsung Corby Pro too and all the java applications and games work on my phone, the method suggested by Naman at the top works perfectly, just do the steps right and you should be able to install all the apps and games, just for your clarity I am pasting them again.
      1. Open a text editor like notepad.
      2. Write this in the file-

      <a href="”>Install Application

      Replace with the name of the jar file; for example, if you are installing the IM client Palringo and the file name is Palringo.jar, the code would be-


      3. Save the file with a .html extension and give it any name like Palringo.html

      *Some errors usually made
      1.) Make sure the Jar, Jad and HTML files are of the same name.
      2.) Do not type the name in the notepad while creating the html file, copy it exactly as in the Jar file(copy the application name exactly in this line Palringo.jar instead of Palringo use the name of the application or the game that shows on the Jar file and it should work 100%).
      Corby Rocks!!!

  30. Hi Naman, if you are aware could you tell me how to use my samsung corby pro as a webcam like with nokia phones? is there any software available to do that?

    • Hi Suman, currently there are no themes or theme files available for the Samsung Corby Pro on the Internet , so there is no way yet to download and install any themes on the Corby mobiles, it is sad but unfortunately there is nothing we could do as of now..

  31. guys i`m using corby pro gt b5310r for about 3 months.n eversince i`ve bought it , i`m not being able to use mobile youtube facility!
    its seems to me that every user is having this problem.
    even 1 of my frn havin samsung wave is havin same problem.
    please sumbudy help me out.
    is it the problem of low network connectivity or some problem with the inbuit faclity!

  32. anyone……
    plssssssss plssssss reply me d website frm where i cn download high resolution games nd interesting softwares for my samsung corby pro 5310
    PLS guys its a request b4 i sell it.. im really fed up

    • thnksss a lot….
      it was really helpfull…..
      if u get any site for downloading themes pls do reply ….

      thnks again

  33. Hi,

    I am trying to install nimbuzz with the auto rotate option.. but its giving error.. I flashed my mobile with the firmware of B5310XXJF1. So that i don’t require a html file to install the Jar. Below is the code i used in jar.. but not working.. giving “Invalid file” error message..
    Manifest-Version: 1.0
    MIDlet-Name: Nimbuzz
    MIDlet-Version: 1.7.2
    MIDlet-Vendor: Nimbuzz
    MIDlet-Icon: /nimbuzz.png
    MIDlet-Data-Size: 50000
    MIDlet-1: Nimbuzz,/nimbuzz.png,com.nimbuzz.Nimbuzz
    Copyright: (c) Nimbuzz 2006-2010
    MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.1
    MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
    Polish-Version: 2.0.7 (2008-11-24)
    X-Pax-Keyboard: Qwerty
    X-Pax-TextInput-Hidden: true
    MIDlet-Touch-Support: TRUE
    MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE

    Please help… Please…

  34. it works………….. lemme paste this dat ppl can blv me
    it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………it workes……………

  35. Hi guys
    u can make HTML file using MOBIEXPLORER
    right on ur mobile

    no need to go for pc
    download it from

    hi shaley
    correct ur VOD SETTING from appln sett. in settings
    to enjoy YOUTUBE VIDEOS
    Select alternate profiles to play streaming videos

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