Weekend In Delhi

Here’s yet another update saying that I’m going to Delhi tomorrow to spend the weekend. I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and will reach home by tomorrow night. I’ll be back in Bhopal by Monday. Last week, as I mentioned, I had my Minors. I did reasonably well in most of the exams. This week has been hectic so I haven’t posted as much as you would’ve expected. I’ll resume posting on my blog regularly as soon as I possible.

Data Structures Question Papers- Minor 1

My minors are almost over with just data structures to go. As I did with Digital Electronics, on popular demand, I’m putting up the Computer Science and Bio Informatics Data Structures question papers to get an idea of the type of questions you can expect and for future reference.

III Semester Computer Science Paper

Each part carries 2 marks
1.A Calculate the time complexity function for the following code.
Func (int n)
if(n<=2) return;

1.B Write an algorithm for finding minimum & maximum element among n elements stored in an array A. Calculate the frequency of execution of each statement.

2. A number is entered through keyboard. Write a program using array to find whether the number is even or odd. (Without using if-else, switch statement, loop or conditional operator).

3.A Explain with syntax how static and dynamic array are created in C programming language.

3.B Write a program to check the balanced parenthesis using stack.

III Semester Bio Informatics Paper- Note that Linked Lists are not a part of the IT syllabus for Minor 1

1. (a) What are primitive data structures? – 1.5 Marks
1. (b) Differentiate between static and dynamic storage with the help of an example.

2. Discuss the merits and demerits of binary search algorithm. Also write the algorithm for binary search in an array of 20 elements. -2 Marks

3. What do you mean by a two way list? Write an algorithm to insert a node in a two way list. -2 Marks

4.(a) What do you mean by a circular header list? Write an algorithm to search an item in a circular header link list. -2 Marks
4.(b) Explain overflow and underflow in a linked list. -1 Mark

Update: Here’s the III Semester Information Technology Paper

Each question carries 2 marks
1.A Calculate the time complexity function for the following code
Func (int n)
if(n<=2) return;
Func(sqrt(n)) + Func(sqrt(n));

1.B Write an algorithm that finds minimum & maximum element among n elements stored in an array A that uses O(log n) comparison.

2. Write an algorithm to implement multiple stack of variable size using single array of size n.

3.A Write a program to create an array dynamically. and then enter input to that dynamically created array & display them.

3.B Show stepwise how stack is used to solve recursive problem of factorial.

Digital Electronics Question Papers-Minor 1

I have my Digital Electronics minor tomorrow. Other branches like Electronics have already had their exam. On popular demand I’m putting up the question papers to give other people an idea about the pattern of the paper.

III Semester Electronics and Communication Paper-

1. Encode the number in gray code
a) (996)H b) (53)6-2 marks

2. Add (8)10 and (9)10 in BCD and verify the result.-2 marks

3. Perform the operation by 1’s complement representation of 6 bit signed numbers
a) (-15) – (-8) b) (-9) + (-6) -3 marks

4. Design a 4 bit adder combinational circuit and implement the circuit by using LOGIC GATES. -3 marks

Update:Here’s the III Semester Information Technology paper-

Each question carries 2.5 marks
a)Conversions- (1010.11)2 to decimal; 37.05 to binary; (274) octal to binary; (1000)2 to octal; (206.4)8 to decimal; (2cd.a) hexadecimal to decimal; (b9d2) to binary.

b)Simplify the boolean function using k-map
f(a,b,c,d) = Σ (1,3,7,11,15)
d(a,b,c,d) = Σ (0,2,5)

a) Explain multiplexer in detail.
b) Application of the multiplexer?

3. Implement the following boolean expression
Y = a.b.c + a.b’.c’ + a’.b’.c + a’.b.c’
With minimum number of logic gates with two inputs.

4. Draw K-Map for the function-
Fa = ab + bd + abd
Fb = a’b + bd’
Hence derive K-Map for the function-
F1=Fa-Fb and F2=Fa+Fb
Simplify the function for F1 and F2 and give the resulting expression in SOP form.

I’ll put up the CSE paper as soon as it is over for future reference. Keep checking this page for updates. Use this easy to remember URL-http://tr.im/digielx or the short link written below to visit this page again.

Minor 1

I haven’t posted for quite a while because I’ve been busy with college. My first Minors are scheduled to start from Monday 17th August 2009. Here’s the schedule-

17th August- Network Theory
18th August- Numerical Analysis
19th August- Electronic Devices and Circuits
20th August- Digital Electronics
21st August- Discrete Structures
22nd August- Data Structures

I need to study, at least for the first three exams so don’t expect any post for a week or so. I continue regular posting on my blog after the minors.