AIEEE Counseling Guide

Update: This guide was written for the purpose of AIEEE 2009 so the dates mentioned here are in accordance with 2009. Although this post caters to AIEEE 2009, most of the important points and counseling procedure is same for AIEEE 2010 so this post is still valid in context of AIEEE 2010

Now that the AIEEE result and counseling details are out, its time for the centralized counseling. Every year thousands of students make mistakes in the AIEEE centralized counseling. Such people don’t get into the college they deserve. Here is a complete walk-through of the AIEEE 2009 counseling procedure. This should answer all your questions regarding how to go about counseling and the procedure of seat allotment.

This year the counseling procedure is completely online and its very different from last year’s counseling procedure. Last year there were three rounds of counseling and the first part had 2 forms- Form 1 and Form 2(for dropout seats). This year the system is completely different. It would be a good idea to be through with the counseling procedure mentioned on the central counseling board website.

The first stage is registration which has already started on 8th. This is the simplest step and you should register yourself as soon as possible to get maximum out of the mock counseling. The next thing you need to do is to fill up your choices. This is going to be tough because there are a lot of choices available. It is very important to order the choices according to your preference. I know the interface of the site which happens to be designed by NIC makes it mentally and physically tiring to order all the choices but you have a lot of time to do this. Try to get all your choices in the right order as soon as possible to take full advantage of the indicative seat allotment during the mock counseling period which ends on 24th June.

This year there are four rounds of seat allotment. Till last year, if you were allotted a seat through a particular round of counseling, you were not considered in further rounds of counseling. This had disastrous consequences. People with poor ranks were able to fill up seats in top NITs through the latter rounds of counseling. However, this year the CCB has changed the rule and has made it fare for everyone. This year, once you are allotted a seat you will be given an option of participating in further allotment according to the choices submitted by you. You can either completely participate in further rounds of allotment or can select the option of considering better branches in the college allotted to you.

The last paragraph explains why I’m emphasizing on filling up your choices properly in the order you want. After you check out indicative seat allotment on 24th June, you should finalize your choices and check them thoroughly before locking them. Don’t forget that you need to lock your choices before 28th June 11:55pm. I would suggest you to lock your choices on 26th or 27th as the site might go down or might take a long time to load on 28th due to excess traffic. If you fail to lock your choices before the deadline-28th June 2009 11:55pm you will not be allotted any seat through AIEEE 2009 central counseling.

You should check the rankings of NITs before filling up your choices. You will also have to make a decision whether you want to go for college or for branch. Considering the nature of this year’s counseling, I would suggest you to go for the branch you want unless or until you are getting a very good college with some other branch. Don’t expect too much sliding after the 4 rounds of allotment as because of the new rules, you can’t expect miracles. If you’ve got a 10k rank you’ll get a seat that you deserve and if you’ve got a 20k rank, you’ll get what you deserve. As compared to AIEEE 2008, AIEEE 2009 Counseling and allotment will be more fair. The rank cutoffs for college admissions will be very different.

Please note that I’ve used the word ‘allotment’ everywhere and not ‘counseling’. The choices you lock before 28th June are your final choices and you can’t change them under any circumstances. In other words, there will be no further counseling. The further rounds of allotment will be done against vacant seats on the basis of the choices you initially submitted. I hope you understand how important it is to fill up the right choices. Don’t think on the lines-

X choice is impossible to get with a rank of 12,000

You should fill every choice you are interested in but be careful about the order of the choices. The change in the counseling procedure has given you a great opportunity to get what you deserve, utilize it well.

The following example should explain the procedure in brief-
Example-Pappu has got AIR 2000 in AIEEE 2009.
-24th June- Pappu’s indicative allotment- Mechanical in NIT Trichy.
-28th June- Last date for locking of choices. Let Pappu’s choices be- 1)NIT Trichy-ECE 2)NIT Warangal ECE 3)NITW Civil 4)NITW Mech
-1st Allotment- Civil in NIT Warangal. Papppu has 3 choices.-
*Take Civil in NIT Warangal.
*Participate in further allotment rounds for NIT Warangal.
*Participate in further allotment and hope for ECE in NIT Trichy.

I want every reader of this blog to be completely satisfied with what he/she does in the AIEEE 2009 central counseling. After reading this long post, I don’t want anybody making mistakes they would regret. Many of my friends want to go back in time to change the choices they filled up during the 2008 counseling. I hope you don’t develop similar feelings after the AIEEE 2009 counseling. All the best! May you get the college and branch of your choice!.

PS- This post could be named AIEEE 2009 Counseling For Dummies

PPS-A notice on central counseling board site says-

Seats in NITs will be made available for candidates (based on their AIEEE merit) from States/UTs., which do not have NITs., so as to keep the number of seats for such States/UTs., at the level of 2007, after making due adjustment for the number of seats filled by candidates of these States/UTs during normal counseling.

PPPS- If anybody is not clear about the seat distribution and reservation, here’s a clarification. For every NIT, 50% seats are reserved for Home State students(students with state of eligibility of the state in which the NIT is). Admission to the rest of the 50% seats is done on basis of AIR. However, in the last round of allotment(4th), there will be no reserved home state seats.

Update- CCB now allows you to unlock your locked choices and unregister yourself if you’ve locked your choices and filled up less than 20 choices. However, you can’t do it online and have to go to counseling centers to get that done. Have a look at the notice on the CCB site.

Voicetap is a service that connects you to experts through phone calls in which the experts answer your questions. They have compiled a list of questions in an editable spreadsheet. If you want your questions to be answered by the experts, you should add them to the Google docs spreadsheet. Your questions will be answered by the experts. You just need to add them to the spreadsheet.

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458 Replies to “AIEEE Counseling Guide”

  1. My rank for AIEEE is 16427(AIR).with this rank is it possible to get atleast achemical or civil in NIT Trichy,warangal,surathkal.or does the new terms of the counselling totally diminishes the chances what other students(AIEEE) had before year 2009.For eg a friend of mine who secured 15000(AIR)got a civil in surathkal and yet another got a civil in calicut with 16987(AIR).Does the new terms suggest that there are no possiblities like this in AIEEE 2009?

    Hoping for a reply soon

    1. This year you will not be able to get into NIT Trichy, Warangal or Surathkal. You can get into NITs like NIT Bhopal, Surat or Kurukshetra. The new rules of counseling suggest that there are no possibilities of getting better colleges by taking risks in counseling.

  2. hi Naman, i woul like to ask that i have filled up the choises for AIEEE couselling and it shows that SASTRA availle and MNIT not available . I have AIR (cat)26000 and state rank (cat) 3563 from u.p

    so is it consediring my state rankfor MNIT or my AIR only.

    plz tell not availble means no chance to get MNIT.
    plz reply soon i really need ur help

    1. For MNNIT, your AIR will be considered. But 50% seats are reserved for UP students. So effectively, your state rank is considered. You are eligible for both the home state seats and all India seats. With a rank of 26000 you most probably can’t get MNNIT. The indicative allotment shows not available but at the time of allotment, many people don’t take their seats. This time specially because the counseling is online, people selected in IITs or better colleges might just block a few NIT seats which might be available at the time of further allotment.

      1. Thanks for ur rely naman but plz clear this doupt also whether in online couselling state ranks r considered aur AIR ranks

        1. For every NIT 50% seats are reserved for home state students. All admissions are made on AIR only. The state rank is just for your information and for state counseling.

          1. so when will the state couselling begin bcz during online couselling its not talking about state rank anywhere .

  3. my state rank (raj) is 313 for architecture stream..but the opening closing ranks for nit-jaipur r around 700-1000..i wanted to know if they consider state rank for hs quota or AIR..(Which is pathetic in my case,around7k)..if all d opening closing ranks r AIR’S..den why r v provided with r state ranks? kindly clear d confusion..whts imp for home state quota,my AIR OR STATE RANK??

    1. State ranks are to give you information about where you stand in your state. In central counseling, admission is on AIR only. The home state quota is just a 50% quota for home state students. The ranks mentioned are All India ranks only.

  4. @Samarth- State counseling is not for admission to NITs. It is for other colleges in the state. Admission to NITs is done only through central counseling.

    I don’t think UP has state counseling on the basis of AIEEE. UP state counseling is based on UPTU exam. Correct me if I’m wrong about the 2nd part of the comment.

  5. hey!
    if suppose i get a good college in 1st round of counselling,do i need to leave this choice to get some better college i wanted ,to be applicable for 2nd round?and if i do not get the college i wanted even in the second round, will i not get even that college which i had got in 1st round of counselling? plzzz reply back soon.

    1. You NEED to take what you get in 1st allotment to be eligible for 2nd allotment. The 2nd allotment will be based on the choices filled by you initially. If you don’t get a higher option, you will still have the seat you got in 1st allotment. Trust me on this, you will definitely get a better college/branch in 2nd allotment.

  6. thanks alot for answering me at 2 in night.u really seems to be a very very very intelligent guy.thanks again for creating a site like this which answers all our doubts sensibly and straight away.
    bye!gud night!

    1. I’m glad you found this useful. I feel for the students who fail to understand the AIEEE counseling details as they are not properly explained on the AIEEE site. Its very unfair if a person gets a good AIEEE rank and gets something less than what he deserves due to a small mistake me makes at the time of counseling.

    1. I’ve written before that indirectly your state rank is considered. Logically speaking, if 50% seats are for home state and if I say that admission is based on AIR, it means that indirectly the state rank is considered, isn’t it?

      I just wrote it that way to clarify that all the opening and closing ranks written everywhere are All India Ranks. Even when you will take admission, on the letter of allotment only your AIR will be written.

      I’ve written facts over here and the link you provided had the implications of the fact I wrote. I’ve done so to clarify to everyone that all opening and closing ranks are AIRs.

  7. hi!
    which is the best college among NITs for architechture?if u have any idea please answer because i am confused which college to put at the third priorty after spa delhi and bits mesra for choice filling in aieee.plzzz answer soon.thank u

  8. I want to know whether the current online counselling allows the candidate to t choose the department for various NITs and get the results for all the NITs departmentwise. i.e will i be in a position to know what department i will get in different NITs or I will be in a position to know the result for only one of the options that i had given.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply. My AIR category rank is 9519 and TN state category rank is 189.Initially I got EEE in NIT Tiruchy and in the second round I could get only Civil in NIT Tiruchy. I want you to guide me in the online counselling for the third round to find out my chances in other institutions for EEE or ECE simultanously retaining my options in NIT Tiruchy. i.e in which part of the aieee website i have to feed my options for various Institutuions so that i will get to know my all available options in terms of various NITs.

        1. I misunderstood your question. You can’t get to know your options in other institutions if you have not filled choices up.

          What you should do is order the choices in the order of your preference and be sure to make a long list. After that check indicative allotment. Check and compare last year’s opening and closing ranks for different branches in different colleges and compare those with last year’s opening and closing ranks for the branch you are alloted in indicative allotment. This should give you an idea of all your options.

          1. once again thanks for your response. I would like to state that I have given my options for various Dept in different NITs but got the results for NIT tiruchy only and not for NIT warangal and other NITs. I want you to confirm what somu had stated in his reply. i.e the “choice filling” tab will lead to only one allotment and not multiple allotment for different NITs if I am otherwise eligible

          2. I am confused regarding the online third round.Because in the first rounf i got EEE second round civil third round met.,(all in NIT tiruchy) I donot know about others. Would like have your reaction and also the feed back from other members to enable me understand about the overall situation

          3. This is just the mock counseling and allotment. At this time everyday more people register and that affects the indicative allotment.

            When the actual counseling results come out you will get met in nitt and then you will eventually get a better branch through further rounds of allotment due to vacant seats.

          4. I have locked up my options now. I have given my choices for NIT tiruchy as 1.ECE 2.EEE 3.COM.sci4.MEch5.Inst 6.chemical 7.Civil 8.MET 9.PE and other NITs options totalling to 31. For your information I was getting CIVIL in NIT Tiruchy at the end of the fourth online counselling.I want you to guide me whether I will be offered the option of getting EEE (appearing as 2nd option) in case Mechanical (appearing as 4th option)is not available at various stages of counselling at NIT Tiruchy(remote reporting centre).

        2. You will have to feed in the various options for courses/institutes in the “choice filling” tab but I think only one allotment will be shown – whichever you get first based on your rank.

          1. As informed earlier My AIR overal rank is 11678 & category rank is 9519 , TN state overal 253 and category rank is 189.Do i have the chance of improving from MET to EEE /ECE in NIT tiruchy. Also pl tell me whether the further rounds of counselling after the locking of options and declaration of results on 30.6.09 would be online or one has to go to the PI everytime till the fourth round gets completed

          2. You have chances of improving from met.

            The further rounds will be online. You need to go to the PI just once, The admission procedure given on clearly indicates which candidates need to go to the PI after every round of allotment

          1. Iam confused.For AIR 11932(rank of Vivekananda)you have said that insturmentation at NITT and mechanical at NITC are not possible.I have a lower rank but you have said i can get EEE at NITT.Is it because of state rank?

    1. Congratulations! All of these three colleges are equivalent. You should go to the one which is convenient to you and in which you get the branch you want(are interested in).

        1. IT BHU is better than all of these but there’s just a marginal difference between them. You, being from TN might not find going to IT BHU convenient. As far as rankings are concerned, IT BHU is better but the infrastructure, placements, faculty etc are approximately equivalent.

  9. Dear Naman Bagga,
    I got 64101 AIR in AIEEE and am sure may not get any good colleges. However I got under OP category,6283 rank for AP state (State code 02), which according to the cut off list I should get in NIT Warrangal, CIVIL, Chemical adn Mettulargy. I have given this as my choice but till now I have not got any indicative seat inforimation. I am worried. Kindly let us know if I can get into Warrangal and my assumption is correct. ALso is there any chance of getting other colleges so that I can change my choise further. Please help me in this regard . Thanks

  10. That means I do not stand any chance in any college? What Choice Can i give. Please suggest.

  11. my AIR in aieee IS 94018 AND MY category rank is 3225(sc).
    my state rank is 1400(uttarakhand) and category rank is 32.
    plz tell me will i get mnnit (any branch) or i prefer to take mech in pantnagar
    is there any kota of uttarakhand in mnnit….
    plz reply soon as i am waiting for ur response and not filled choices yet……..
    also tell me the ranking of nit’s……….

    1. There is no quota for Uttarakhand in MNNIT.

      You can get Bio Technology in MNNIT.

      Ranking of NITs-(roughly in this order) Trichy, Warangal Surathkal, Calicut, Allahabad,Nagpur, Jaipur, Surat, Bhopal, Rourkela, Jamshedpur, Durgapur, Raipur, Patna, Silchar

    2. thanks for ur suggestion…
      sir plz tell me can i get a good branch in mnnit in 2nd , 3rd or 4th round of councelling…
      which nit should i prefer according to u ???????
      plz reply soon…

  12. my AIR in aieee IS 94018 AND MY category rank is 3225(sc).
    my state rank is 1400(uttarakhand) and category rank is 32.
    plz tell me will i get mnnit (any branch) or i prefer to take mech in pantnagar
    is there any kota of uttarakhand in mnnit….
    plz reply soon as i am waiting for ur response and not filled choices yet……..
    also tell me the ranking of nit’s……….

  13. hi,
    i got air-11932 and state rank-2096(andhra). open category. can i get surathkal or allhabad or any other good college. After the 2nd indicative seat allotment i got mechanical nit durgapur.
    please reply soon

  14. hi!
    the opening & closing rank given was satisfying my rank for some college for b.arch but the indicative seats suggest that i can’t get is there any possibility to get it in counselling rounds.
    plzzz reply back soon.thank u

  15. i have overall air 9500 { cat-7797} i belong to haryana . i m considering ece in nit kurukshetra. rankings show nit allahabad and bhopal better than kuk , should i go 4 them? what will i get in them? i hav also qualified in EML {rank – 2400 } and in NEST for NISER . are iiser and niser better than NIT’S ?
    plz advice

    1. It depends on what you are interested in. NISER is great is you want to go into research.

      You can get a better branch in Kurukshetra as you are from Haryana. Kurukshetra, Bhopal, Allahabad are pretty equivalent. There is no major difference.

  16. hello ,
    my aieee AIR is 26979(delhi) . (cat rank)21032 GEN.
    i would like to know that is it possible that i get ECE EEE MECH in NIT KURUKSHETRA,JAIPUR,ALLAHABAD,BHOPAL .OR if not possible in these then any other NIT in 2nd 3rd 4th counselling .
    Tell me of any other branch which might be available if these branches are not possible .
    what about LNMIIT ?

    1. You can’t get any of these branches in any of these NITs on first allotment atleast. You may get Production, Energy, Bio Informatics or MSME in Bhopal but that’s not for sure.

      LNMIIT is a good college and its a bit different from conventional colleges and I”ve heard it as ex-IIT faculty. Last year closing rank for LNMIIT was 13900. It will be tough to get.

      1. i actually dint get one thing u said about the first counselling . what about the rest of the counsellings ?

        if im not alloted any college in the first counselling then i’ll be in the first preffered group1 for the next one .wouldnt that matter?

        even the seats in iit have increased to 8200 so that might effect aieee too indirectly .

        and last thing lnm forum at their website says that last year they participated in the 1st round only but this year they would be available for all the rounds . how would that effect >?

        and please answer all the points .

        1. The groups are not in the order of preference. Being in group 1 does not matter at all.

          The number of seats in IITs for open category students is the same. Every year the number of seats in IITs is increasing but the OBC quota is also increasing as the 24% quota needs to be implemented.

          The news about LNM is good news for you. But LNMIIT always remains a choice for students. You have better chances now, I can say.

  17. hi
    do you think instrumentation and control engineering is possible in trichy with a rank of 11932 after 4 rounds of counselling or mechanical at calicut

  18. Hello.
    I locked my choices yesterday, my AIR is 11774 and state rank is 74 in b.arch. I checked the ‘indicative seat’ today and it said there’s no vacant seat for you. What is the next step for me now since I’ve already locked the choices. I’m really confused and help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Locking your choices this early was a stupid thing to do. Now if you have locked less than 20 choices(which will most probably be the case for archi students), you can unlock them as mentioned on CCB site.

      If indicative allotment says-“there’s no vacant seat for you” then you can still get a seat through the second round of allotment.

      1. Umm.. actually I’d thought I was pretty late. Guess my rank’s pretty bad so I’ll just have to wait for the second round.
        Thanks a lot for your reply. A much better help than most.

  19. sir my air 30298 and state rank 941(punjab) . will i be able to get civil in nit jalandhar after all rounds


    AIR – 14092
    STATE – 1717

  21. sir,
    my aieee ranks r
    air overall-22515
    air cat – 17004
    state overall-1300
    state ct -1100
    sir, i belongs to GENERAL categary and i m in NAGPUR.what is the possibiity of getting GOOD BRANCH in VNIT through SECOND ROUND of counselling.

    SIR,i m also getting GOOD branch in NIT SILCHAR,sir WHETHER i should take NIT SILCHAR with a GOOD branch or VNIT wih a BAD branch.
    and also please tell me about the RISK FACTOR to go to SECOND ROUND.please sir answer me,i m in extreme confusion and has to lock choices soon.

    1. Don’t go for NIT Silchar. You can get a decent branch in Nagpur. There is no risk in going for the second round of allotment. Read the post I’ve written for full details of counseling.

  22. sir,
    my ranks air 10309 category – 8000 odd
    state rank 206 category 188 in karnataka was hopin for mec atleast in nitk or comp if lucky
    But indicative seat allotment shows me chem engg…..its not dat i hate chem… just does not coincide wid last years cutoffs……moreover seats hav increased in nitk from 610 to 740

    1. It is very normal to get chem at the moment because at this time people who are not interested are also applying. By the 2nd or 3rd allotment you will get Mech.

  23. i got air 47415 (overall) and 35000 (open category). my state rank is 280 (overall) and 219 (category). i m from assam what r my chances of getting in to nit silchar. will i get any other colleges. plz reply soon

  24. sir,

    i got air 3445 rank in aieee

    what college and branch should i select????

    should i select college over branch or vice versa???

    i m also getting dce , should i prefer it over nit s????

    sir please can let me know a little about ur self ????

    thank you

  25. Is there a risk (like previous years) of loosing the seat alloted in first round when we go for second round..and can we be sure that in second round we get the same or the better choice (as per our preference) only.

  26. hi!
    plz tell which one is better for architecture,bit mesra or nit nagpur or trichy.i m confused.and i am from north side.
    plzzzzz reply back soon.thank uuu

      1. but sir plz tell me is there any chance to get in 2nd, 3rd or 4th counselling? if not bit mesra, will not i get a good college else? my state rank is 303 in bihar so is there any hope i’ll be get in nit patna????
        plz sir i really need ur advise!!!!

  27. thanx for your prompt reply,
    feeling reassured, was wondering abt my chances of getting comp engg in nitk, ppl tell me very low….wat do u think
    thanx for your time and advice…..

  28. hi
    my indicative seat allotment showed me nit raipur
    air-11932(op frm andra)
    can i jump to nit-allahabad,nagpur,bhopal,etc with mechanical after all rounds of counselling

  29. I had applied for B .arch
    STATE RANK-289

  30. I just read this sir, (i emailed you too, Thanks for reply sir),
    as you mentioned ..we cannot expect much sliding in subsequent rounds of counselling this time, How much sliding can we expect? Like.. if my AIR is 12180 ..
    & is reservations gonna make more changes?
    **I REALLY hope i can get atleast mechanical or electrical in NIT Kurukshetra in subsequent rounds of counseling**

    1. This year the nature of counseling suggests that all the sliding will take place before admission through the 4 rounds of allotment. If you are alloted a seat in 1st round and you getter a better seat in subsequent rounds, it is a type of sliding only.

      When I said sliding will be negligible, I meant after admission which is conducted by colleges individually.

  31. these are my ranks
    State rank(ap)-10500
    State category-2830.

    what are my chances of getting through any aieee college?
    even if it is in the 2nd or 3rd or even 4th round of couselling.

  32. hey naman!
    seriously,wonderful job dude.
    this is really helpful.
    my air(gen category) overall rank-14204
    state overall rank(tamil nadu)-313.
    i want to know if i can get chem in nitt.
    and moreover…second round and the foll rounds of counselling are for getting a better course in the college that you have got or is it for getting a better college?…if i get only production in nitt…and i want chem in nitt…then should i apply for second round or should i just ask the ppl in the admission centres about availability of seats in chem for my rank?

    1. Yes, you will get Chemical in NITT.

      2nd round is to get an option you’ve filled in the form that’s above the one you’ve been alloted. Look at the example I’ve given in the post.

      You will be given a choice if you want to restrict yourself to the college you’ve been alloted and just want to go for better branches you’ve filled at higher positions in the same college.

      Read the post completely, I’ve explained the entire counseling procedure in simple language.

  33. hi!
    i had a ques-if in the first counselling i get which i had kept as my fourth choice,in the second round my third choice will be considered first or the option which i had kept as the first priorty in the choice filling, will be considered first if my rank matters some what equal for all the options i am thinking of.
    please answer soon.thank uuuuuuu

  34. hello!
    my air rank is 35654.being an obc which college should i add in the choice filling list which is good and i can get.plz reply

  35. my air is 81396.can i get into guru ghasidas institute of information tech in mp or jk institute of applied physics in allahabad through any round of counselling irrespective of the branch.plz reply soon

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