AIEEE 2009 Result Out

May 30, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: DPS Vasant Kunj, Education, VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

The result of the All India Engineering Entrance Examination better known as AIEEE is out. You can check your result on the CBSE website.

Click here to check your AIEEE 2009 result

Now that you know your rank, you also might want to know which college you can get into. You should refer to AIEEE 2008 opening and closing ranks and rank analysis to get an idea about which college/branch you will get. You can also check the details of every seat alloted in AIEEE 2008 counseling. Please note that all this information is of the first counseling. Many people get in with lower ranks through further counseling. There are also a good number of people who manage to slide to better branches due to vacancies. I have many tips for counseling which I’ll be giving in some other post around the time when the counseling will be held.

For any kind of queries regarding rank analysis and college analysis and admission procedure, feel free to leave a comment. Comments on the line of “I have got this rank in AIEEE. Which college or NIT will I get through AIEEE central counseling?” are welcome. I will try to reply to all your comments in a day or two.

Update- AIEEE 2009 Counseling guide.

60 comments on “AIEEE 2009 Result Out

  1. PLease dont say NO!
    Im in deep trouble. Ive got 148 in aieee and 2500 in SRMEE.General category form Madhya Pradesh.

    Please suggest the course of action, Should I join SRM or wait for aieee counselling

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  2. sir i know you are an nitbhopal,it student so i want to ask you
    to tell my position with your experience
    i want electronic,electrical,mechanical,in nits
    further i asked this q to many one including your known ankurb.
    acc to your own case
    tell me
    state raj 3100
    tell me abt mine in nits

      • All India Rank
        Overall 304942
        Category 189426
        State Rank
        Overall 16267
        Category 10539

        plz tell me 4 sme better colleges like nit’s…

        my marks are 50

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    • You can’t get into MNIT Jaipur definitely not through first counseling. You can’t get into a good NIT through first counseling. You can get to a good NIT through the second counseling though. According to the AIEEE counseling procedure, once you are alloted a seat, you have just two options-
      1. Take admission
      2. Opt out of counseling

      However only if you are not alloted anything in 1st counseling, you are eligible to take part in 2nd round of counseling.

  3. sir should i get in good nits with bad branches like civil and wait for internal sliding like yours..or get good mrks in 1st semester and get desired branch

  4. sir my air is 68000 and 15000 under obc category. which all colleges shud i fill in central counselling where i may get admission? my state rank 3100 and 450 under category, any chance for nit kurushetra plse rply

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  5. PLease dont say NO!
    Im in deep trouble. Ive got 148 in aieee and 2530 in SRMEE.General category form Madhya Pradesh.

    Please suggest the course of action, Should I join SRM or wait for aieee counselling? any possibility of any other college?

    my ranks are as below
    iit-jee EML-32125

  6. Sir, My ALl india rank in AIEEE 2009 is 12180. I’m really worried by having a look at opening & closing ranks for 2008 given on the site. I want to ask, are they final ranks after 4th counselling or only 1st counselling allotment ranks? PLease help me sir. What can i expect at my rank? Will i get any of the foll. subjects in NIT Kurukshetra in 1st or further counsellings?: CSE,ECE,Mechanical,Electrical?
    Please help.

  7. sir,
    my aieee ranks r
    air overall-22515
    air cat – 17004
    state overall-1300
    state ct -1100
    sir, i belongs to GENERAL categary and i m in NAGPUR.what is the possibiity of getting GOOD BRANCH in VNIT through SECOND ROUND of counselling.

    SIR,i m also getting GOOD branch in NIT SILCHAR,sir WHETHER i should take NIT SILCHAR with a GOOD branch or VNIT wih a BAD branch.
    and also please tell me about the RISK FACTOR to go to SECOND ROUND.please sir answer me,i m in extreme confusion and has to lock choices soon.

  8. Sir,
    I’ve got a score of 169 and a rank of 34387. Im a general category student and i’ve written the exam from Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh. My state rank is 5204.

    In the first counselling, as per stats(, im getting NIT Srinagar(metallurgical engineering). However, in the second counselling, for my rank, im expected to get into a better NIT with a branch like Civil.

    So, we have been given choices to fill out as prefeenes for our first counselling. If we are not happy with the seat alloted, How do we get ourself into the second counselling list?

  9. So, To get into an NIT, In my first counselling, i should only put choices of branches from NIT. and not the other colleges like KIIT etc. Right?

  10. sir my all india rank is 33167…
    I belong to gen categoty
    can i get civil in nit silchar or anythin better than this????
    plz reply ASAP

      • sir is nit silchar better or nit agartala??
        is there any other nit where i can get anything(branches like chemical or metallurgical)

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  11. sir
    my aieee 2009 rank is 21,888 and category rank is 17003 in OP. I wanna get into BIT Mesra main campus. Any branch would do except polymer, production or biotechnology.As per the last year’s rank many students have been able to get good branches. Do i have a chance in any round of counselling?I am from Chhattisgarh and state rank is 246. Kindly copy the same reply to my email address if you can.Thankyou Sir

  12. Sir, My AIEEE AIR is 22800 & state rank is 1300(maharashtra). Do i have any chance of getting into chemical or civil in Nagpur,Bhopal,jaipur,Kurukshetra rourkela or surat & then side down to get mechanical plz reply

    • you can get decent branches like civil in vnit after second round of might even get mechanical in vnit if u wait till fourth round.

  13. sir hows the placement of nit agartala production engineering??
    their site doesn’t have any placement stats…
    plz reply…

  14. sir, i have got air 22525 in aieee
    and i belongs to DEFENCE categary and according to previous year cutoff list i can get into pec.sir, please tell me what should i OPT in PEC.sir please reply soon.
    sir ur site is the best site i ever seen,great work sir,thanx.

  15. naman may i ask you a question previously you told thai i can get in good nits,then you told i can get it in decent nits, then mr a.k.misra
    told of poor nits(whom i dont know,and for god sake dont know of authenticity)
    i also saw a site question which is using last year rank to predict college(i know it has changed but why the hell should he publish such a huge site with almost 10000 students checking every thing)
    i also saw and asked its so called experts they are blindly telling that yes pattern change but tere have been so many reacent things which will compensate it and ranks will defer by margin less than 1000
    i am realy irritated by these .
    you think isn’t is surprising that next day any one can i start suggesting others and by the way they will believe it.and whwn results come no one is left with any option(either some one will leave allotment iby yor suggestion) but if f will come to know that he was getting something better than what he should think

  16. Sir, Compared to Last year,The number of seats has gone up by 7000+. Last year there were 17000 Seats and for 34000 rank, an OP category student got a branch like Civil in Silichar. or Biotech in Durgapur.

    So since the number of seats has gone up, A student of rank 30000 and around can expect better than the low ranked NITs right?

      • Well,This year the AIEEE First Counselling Cutoffs have gone up by a huge margin! So last year’s second counselling will be like this years third counselling. And Naman, I have Put all choices from all the NITs except Patna,Srinagar,Agartala Silichar. CAn I get anything this year? :”(

  17. my air is 9500 (general category). i belong to haryana. in first round of aieee counselling i m getting electrical in nit kurukshetra under home state quota. plz tell are there chances of getting better branch in nit kkr in subsequent rounds , i want ece. ALSO i hav forgot to take a print out of locked choices {though i remember all as i filled only ten } is that going to create any problem? plz reply at the earliest.


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