Minor 1

September 27, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: MANIT Bhopal.

I’m in Delhi(again!) and this time I’m not going back too soon.I’ll be here for a week or two.This means that my blog won’t be post-less in this month.I had my first minors last week(22 September to 27 September).I wasn’t prepared too much as I had backlog to cover.

Here’s what the time-table was like-
25th-Environmental Engineering
26th-Basic Civil and Mechanical
27th-Basic Electrical and Electronics

I did fairly well in Maths and Physics.I was a bit worried about Chemistry,Environmental and BEE as I had very little idea about the subjects.But I ended up doing all the questions in these subjects.BCM was good but not too great.I’ve heard the marking is very lenient and so I feel I’ll get decent marks.Basically my minors are over and my second minors are from 20th October.I have lots of feeds/emails to read and posts to write.I’ll post soon.

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