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August 29, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: MANIT Bhopal.

Thia incident happened on 25th August 2008.I was attending classes in Energy for a month at that time.I had the following subjects in my first semester-

Physics with Practicals
Chemistry(Part 1) with Practicals
Engineering Graphics
Communication Skills
Computer Programming

I was leaving for my classes after the break when an announcement was made about second sliding before final allotment of students admitted through Second Phase of Counseling.Well I decided to go for it and when I reached the auditorium,I saw that there was a vacant seat in IT.A tiny hope arose inside me.When students were being called for sliding in order of ranks,a guy slided from IT to Mechanical which meant there were 2 vacant seats in IT,now.The students were called and I was the person interested in IT.My AIR of 14191 in AIEEE had got me IT at MANIT Bhopal and I was thrilled.

One thing that was always in my mind throughout the whole process that IT had different subjects in the first semester.My new subjects are-

Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering(BCM) with Practical
Basic Electrical Engineering(BEE) with Practical
Environmental Engineering

This means I’ll have to study hard in the first semester to perform well in my exams.I had mentioned before about my first minors which were supposed to be from 18th to 22nd August.The latest news is that the minors have been postponed and now I’ll be having my minors from 22nd to 26th September.There are rumors that second minors are in October.Other rumors say that there will be only 1 minor in the first semester.

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