Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

July 11, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Movies, Reviews.

Cast-Imran Khan,Genelia
Watch out for-Imran Khan,Genelia,Sohail Khan,Arbaaz Khan and Naseeruddin Shah
My Rating-5/5

I know that Nobody is perfect but after watching this complete entertainer,I feel that Aamir Khan is ‘Nobody’.I had a glance at the TOI critics rating which was 2.5 but I didn’t read the review.This movie is a must watch.I’m sure many of you will even watch it multiple times.

The movie is a romantic comedy with equal weightage the comedy part.While watching the movie,my eyes were glued to the screen and in no time the movie ended.Sohail Khan,Arbaaz Khan and Naseeruddin Shah were extremely funny and everyone in the hall(people of all age groups/IQs) was laughing which is a rarity as far as Hindi Cinema is concerned.

The story revolves around Imran Khan(Jai Singh Rathore aka ‘Rats’) and Genelia(Aditi aka ‘Meow’).It is the story of friends turning into lovers as expected.I won’t give away the story too much as it might spoil your fun.

The music of the movie is really good.The music director A.R. Rahman has done a really good job.Unlike other composers,AR Rahman’s music is not copied.There aren’t too many songs which is good.I basically can’t think about any thing for which I can deduct 0.1 from the rating.

The movie had an airport scene which is seen in many other Bollywood movies.But unlike other movies the scene wasn’t simply a hero crying and pleading the airport officials to stop the plane or a hero running on the runway.Even the airport scene had something different about it.

I’m gonna control myself now and end this review before I give away the entire movie.So go and watch the movie.

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