Finally Transferred To GoDaddy

This is a delayed post.I forgot to post this as I was preparing for the AIEEE.As I had mentioned in an earlier post titled 1&1 vs GoDaddy,I was fed up of 1and1 and had decided to transfer my domain to GoDaddy.Read the post for the explanation.

Well,the transfer was pretty simple but took a long time because of 1and1’s policies.Transfers from 1and1 always take 5 days to complete.I’ll explain the procedure of a transfer.Once you unlock the domain and give the authorization code to the gaining registrar,the registrar send a request to the domain registry.The domain registry sends a request to the current registrar which is 1and1 in my case.The current registrar has 5 days to reply to the request from the registry.If it does not reply,the domain registry automatically releases the domain to the gaining registrar.This is what 1and1 does.It does not reply to the request from the domain registry.Thus I had to wait for 5 days for the transfer to complete.

Here are some tips if you are transferring a domain form 1&1.First of all you should disable Private Whois and set the registration to ‘Public’.Then unlock the domain so that it can be transferred.Note that 1and1 does not ask for confirmation to transfer if a domain is unlocked.If it is locked,it denies transfer automatically.Wait for 5 days after the request is sent to 1and1.When the transfer is complete,configure it.The next step is vital.You will now need to cancel your 1and1 package.So login to and cancel your package.1and1 has a reputation of charging for empty packages.Make sure the package is canceled properly.That’s it,your transfer is successful.If you have any problems,feel free to contact the support team of your previous and new registrar.

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If Pants Could Talk


Ever wonder what a day in the life of your pants can be like?I’ve decided to write a short story about a day in the life of my favorite pair of pants.Well I have many pairs of pants and I don’t like to discriminate between any of them.I wear some more frequently than others so naturally there is a feeling of envy in some of them.All of them have one common concern.They feel claustrophobic inside my dark cupboard.All of them like to be worn as they breathe well in free air.They don’t mind if they get a bit dirty.But at night they are dumped into a drum and what follows is a terrible washing experience.Most of them hate it when they are stuffed into the washing machine and are tumble washed.I can hear them shouting when the washing machine gets to its spin dry mode and sucks all the moisture from their soft skin.The after-effects of the washing routine are equally terrible.On drying,they have to face the deadly steam iron.At that time they literally pray for their lives.Basically the life of a pair of pants is filled with misery.

Did you like the story?Think you can write a better one?You can create your own stories about your pair of pants and submit these as stories to the Dockers contest.Visit the dockers store website for more information about it.

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AIEEE 2008 Cut-Off and Analysis

The AIEEE solutions are out.You would have calculated your marks by now.If you haven’t done so,you can do so by visiting my post-Download AIEEE 2008 Solutions.You must be wondering what marks would be good enough to get a rank under 10000.The cut-off will be around 180/315 for a rank under 10000.

The format of the paper changed this year.There were 105 questions in all,35 each of Physics,Chemistry and Maths.The questions carried 3 marks as usual and there was negative marking of -1 mark per wrong question.The paper was really simple but had Assertion Reason type questions which were unexpected.

According to Career Launcher,a score of 60-65 in Maths,55-60 in Physics and 65-70 in Chemistry can be called an excellent score.All the best for the result.You can also post your marks in a comment to compare with others.

Here are some landmark ranks and the score you require for them.Note that my analysis of the cutoff might differ from the actual cutoff by a few marks. You can still comment and post your marks.


Expected Rank





















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Download AIEEE 2008 Solutions

The solutions to the All India Engineering Entrance Examination better known as AIEEE are out.You can now download the AIEEE 2008 solutions in PDF format.Some of the VMC teachers are discussing it on 100percentile forums.You can view the solutions to the individual questions there.I have uploaded the solutions and answer key in pdf format for download.Some of these are zip archives which have 3 pdf files having the Physics,Chemistry and Maths solutions.


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AIEEE 2008 Solutions and Key by FIITJEE

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