Goodbye And Good Luck

January 7, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Cricket.

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This post is about the second test between India and Australia at Sydney played for the Border-Gavaskar trophy.The result of the match-Australia won by 122 runs.

Man(Men) of the Match-The idiots above,Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson.

The first 3 lines say it all.The 2nd Test between India and Australia was literally 13 vs 11.The umpires were clearly biased towards the Aussies.The number of bad decisions is unbelievable.I didn’t have time to count the number,so here’s a video.Don’t think that the video has all the bad decisions.

Mark Benson asked Ponting whether Ganguly’s catch was cleanly taken and believed him when he said that he was out.This is clear Racism.Speaking of Racism,Harbhajan Singh has been banned for 3 tests for calling Symonds a ‘Monkey’.There was no proof that he had said that.SymondsMr Monkey called it a racist comment.Perhaps Symmnds belongs to the race of monkeys.For God sake what’s wrong with calling a person a monkey in a country where Tuxedos are called ‘Monkey Suits’.If ICC doesn’t get its act right,we might need a new International Cricket Board.

Thus I think that some conclusions can be drawn from the test.Either the umpires are biased or they need to retire.In either of the 2 cases I think it’s time to say-Good Bye and Good Luck.The umpires should spend some time with their families.I don’t think that any match in which these umpires stand should be called an ‘International Match’.I don’t think ICC will bear Bucknor for about 4 more years after which he will officially retire.

Now its time for me to express my anger at the Umpires properly.

Here’s a gift for the umpires-

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