August 11, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Movies, Reviews.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately.Here’s my review of the latest YRF movie Chak De India.

My Rating-4.1/5

Have a look at the trailer before reading this review

What do you expect from this movie after watching this trailer?I know the answer-Not much.I didn’t expect the movie to be worth a 4.1 on my blog.But trust me on this,the movie is good.

Another aspect which forced me to give this movie a rating of 4.1/5 is that the last few YRF movies have been awful.This one offers some respite.It has been seen with movies like Lagaan that the moment you introduce sports in movies the movie becomes an international match in which the audience enjoys itself cheering of India.

The storyline of the movie wasn’t totally original.It reminded me of Bend it like Beckham.The story is about a retired player who retires at an unusual young age due to bad circumstances.He becomes the coach of the women’s team.The girls face objection from their family.There are two forwards who play against each other striving for personal achievements.

The script is a strong one and you can relate to most of the part of it like state wise selection.There is however an exception that when Shah Rukh Khan congratulates the Pakistan team after losing the final the public reaction is extreme and he is called a traitor.This is not what happens in India.India has been shown in a bad light.After all sports is all about friendship.

There are a few technical errors in the movie.I’ll share the one I noticed.In the world cup,Indian team defeats almost every team 1-0.Before the final,the two forwards have about 8 goals each.This is practically impossible and I would have rated this movie 4.2 if this error would not have been there in it.

Overall,you should go and watch the movie if you wish to and I promise you won’t come home unsatisfied.Everybody has done a decent job and I expect this movie to be a big success.


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