August 6, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Movies.

Here’s another review of a horrible movie- Cash.Here go my ratings-

My Rating-1.6/5
Boo Rating- 4.5/5

As usual,I’ll explain my ratings first.I’ve given a 1.6 to the movie for its decent music(not bad) and for the pinch of humor in the movie.I have given a Boo rating of 4.5 to the movie as you can fill a book of the size of Harry Potter discussing the flaws and weak points of the movie.

The movie is a total confusion with nothing right about it.Every 5 minutes,a new character is introduced and I got really confused.The acting was very ordinary.Anybody could have done this role.All,the actors had to do was to perform stunts(I wonder if they really did).

The songs were irrelevant and the movie was not interesting at all.The only way I got an idea that the movie was about to end was when I looked at my watch.You don’t feel curious about the story.

I would advise you to avoid watching the movie at a night show even if your ticket is sponsored.There is no point to discuss about the cast as I feel that the cast was nothing but cars and other automobiles followed religiously by the cops.

I simply hated the movie and was feeling sleepy while watching it.I feel that Anubhav Sinha has decided to stick to films like DUS.But I feel that this movie is a big blunder. This movie is filled with confusing action sequences which I hate the most.

Another notable feature of the movie was that it was punctuated with some poor animations which were totally unnecessary for the movie.The movie was shot in South Africa and I’m sure this movie won’t be able to recover its expenses.

I advise all of you to stay away from this movie at any cost.The movie is not worth spending your Cash!!

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