July 30, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Humour, Movies, Reviews, Videos.

Here I am with the review of an awesome movie-Partner.First of all my ratings-

My Rating-4.3/5

Rating if you are a psycho critic and use your brain too much-3.2/5

My ratings say all I have to say about the movie.Govinda and Salman Khan have done a good job and produced a great movie.The movie resembles The Hitch a lot.Govinda even does a stupid dance which reminded me of the hitch.The heroines- Katrina Kaif and Lara Dutta have done a good job in the movie.

The movie is simply funny all the way and there isn’t a single dull moment.The extra long climax is very funny indeed.I have watched several comedies.But this one is one of its kind.The entire cinema hall was laughing out loud.Another funny feature of the movie is the use of rhyming phrases which make sure that everyone laughs.

There is something for everyone in this movie.People of all age groups will enjoy this movie equally.Overall,the movie was an amazing one.Have a look at the trailer-

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