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This might be nothing new for some but like I always say,for those of you who don’t know by now,Vidyamandir Classes will be organizing Test Series 5 on July 22 2007.Do you know what that means?Don’t expect many posts these days,I’ll have to restrict them to one or two per week.TS5 is supposed to be very crucial,so I have to prepare for it.Here’s what the syllabus will be like(I’m not sure about 1-2 topics but this is what the syllabus will look like)-

Physics:Module 1-5,All topics
Chemistry: Module 1-5 and Electrochemistry 2 and The Chemistry of Grignard Reagent from module 6.Solid State from Module 5 might be excluded
Mathematics:Module 1-5 and Indefinite Integration from module 6

I thought that mentioning this will be useful to some as there’s always some confusion about the syllabus.Frankly speaking,the syllabus doesn’t matter at all.Your aim should be to prepare of JEE and not for TS5.The venues for the test will be SD Public School,Punjabi Bagh and Father Agnel School.If you have any inquiries about the location or anything else you can leave a comment.

For all my juniors in VMC I would like to advice them to listen to thier teachers and be regular.TS1 is supposed to be the easiest test of VMC.Things are going to get more complicated later,so try to master module 1 before TS1.I’m not really sure about TS1 dates but you can expect it in a month.

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