June 18, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Formula 1.

Lewis Hamlton won the United States Grand Prix finishing 2 seconds ahead of his teammate Fernando Alonso.But Ferrari were not far behind as Massa and Raikkonen finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

There was no change in the first four drivers since qualifying.All of them finished in the position they started the race from.This is a rare thing to happen at Indianapolis as the tracks are wide and there are many fast turns and two 180 degree turns.The straights provide good opportunity for overtaking and the extra long pitlane can have an effect on the course of the race.Turn 13 which is the only banked corner in F1can be and has proved to be a spot for incidents.Ralf Schumacher has experienced 2 crashes coming out of turn 13 and in the 2005 season 14 cars did not start the race(leaving 6) as Michelin failed to provide tyres that could survive the banked corner.The reason why I made this post a little late and a bit short will be mentioned soon.Overall,it was an intresting United States Grand Prix.Now lets move on to the championship standings.Lewis Hamilton is leading the standings and I feel that he can be a world champion this season.I feel that it is too early to mention points and constructors championship standings.

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