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I am a student of Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) which is one of the best institutes for IIT-JEE preparation. It effectively has just one centre at Punjabi Bagh in New Delhi. Today I want to tell you something about VMC (I’ll be using the abbreviation very often so make it clear that I’m talking about Vidyamandir Classes).VMC is run by three brothers namely Brijmohan Gupta (Bade Bhaiya), Shyammohan Gupta (Physics wale Bhaiya) and Manmohan Gupta (Munna Bhaiya). These three are pioneers in their work and are teaching IIT-JEE aspirants for quite some time. They teach Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics respectively. Another important figure for VMC is Mr. Sandeep Mehta who is very popularly known as Sandeep Bhaiya. At VMC everyone is called Bhaiya (brother) and there is no mention of the word ‘sir’.

Admission to VMC is on the basis of a challenging admission test. More than 10,000 students appear for the test from which about 480 are selected for admission to the classroom courses namely-

  1. Regular Classroom Course (RCC)
  2. Extended Classroom Course (ECC)

240 students are selected for admission to both of these courses. I won’t describe the Correspondence course offered by VMC as it is not a classroom course. Now I’ll briefly describe RCC and ECC.

The top 240 students are selected for RCC and are taught by the three brothers mentioned above. In addition to that, some topics are taught to them by the teachers of ECC. A batch of RCC contains 60 students and classes are held once in a week.

The ranks 240-480 are selected for ECC and are taught by IITans from VMC. An ECC group contains about 30 students and classes are held twice a week.

Classes at VMC are a wonderful experience. A class generally lasts 3 hours but sometimes it may last 4-5 hours. In each class at least 30 minutes are spent in motivating students and in telling them how to study. The classrooms have comfortable chairs, a white board and at least 1 split Air conditioner. 24 hour power backup is available at the study centers. There is one last salient feature which I would like to tell you about. It’s the use of multiple color markers while teaching which makes learning easier. VMC always focuses on the psychological factors related to examinations and I believe that is what the key to success of VMCITES is.


  1. Shyam Mohan Bhaiya i.e. your physics wale bhayia, is much more popularly known as chotte bhaiya in the RCC groups, so maybe that could be an update…

  2. I am father of a student who appeared in Class X exams this year i.e. 2008-09, result is awaited. my son enrolled for VMC Test. The sample papers in the CD provided with the prospectus are very very tough. that has made my son depressed. otherwise he is expecting 90+ in CBSE. he is not able to crack even one question. he wishes to go for VMC for sure.

  3. I could tell one thing..
    Though the questions are really tough, but its for everone.
    Even if someone solves 30% of the paper, then he stands a very good chance for cracking the exam.

    And with hard work, anything could be achieved.

    If he is expecting 90+ in CBSE, that means he is cleared with his concepts.
    So he should and must practice for clearing the exam.

    Best Of Luck!!


  4. @jammy-I agree with what you said,if one even solves a small bit of the admission test,he stand a good chance.

    BTW, the admission test has already been conducted,result will be out on 12th April

  5. My Brother had given the test on 7th April.He says that he had attemted around 30 questions out of 55,and says he is confident that atleast 25 of his questions will be correct. DO he hav a chance to go in for RCC or ECC .
    And also plz tell me if he is unable to go for RCC than is ECC a worth a take,does ECC produces good results in IIT & DCE…
    Waiting 4 ur reply anxiously Bro….

  6. hi i am in class 10th.next .i will be appearing in iit-jee 2012.i want to take admission in vmc for preparation but i heard it everywhere that its very difficult to crack.i want to practice for entrance frm just now.pls guide me what type of questions should i practice.also i am doing books of mathgenii that i get through courier.waiting for reply

  7. I am appearing in 10 class and i want to crack iit
    so can you tell me the date of vmc paper and where to find the form for the entrance test

  8. which books should be preferred for cracking vmc entrance exam?is maths book ‘rd sharma’ enough for preparation?plz do reply soon

    • RD Sharma is good for preparation but keeping in view the nature of the questions in the exam,nothing is enough and it eventually depends on your application skills.

  9. Hey everyone……..
    I am a student of class x in ahmedabad….
    My family hails from delhi.
    I want to join VMC but am not getting proper dates…
    Can ne1 plz tell me tht frm where shud i get the adm form and wen is the adm test>?>?????????????????

    • The admission test is held in April, usually a day before the JEE exam. You should keep checking the VMC website for details. Don’t worry, you’ll know once the admission test form is out, they give ads in newspapers too.

    • Regular classes are held once a week. Classes start at around 3 or 4pm on working days and there are roughly 3 slots of 9am 12pm and 3 pm on holidays. Each class is of a duration of roughly 3 hours but I’ve attended classes of duration as short as 2 hours and as long as 5 to 6 hours too.

  10. Where can i get VMC papers 4 practice
    is there ane cd available if yes then where can i get it????
    please reply quick i am in real need

    • no scholarship. only those getting 1-100 rank in iit get full fee refund. those getting 101-200 get half fee refund

    • Yes. If you can get into VMC in Delhi, definitely join whether you get REG or ECC. If you don’t get into VMC, consider Bansal as the next best option.

      At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Its all about your hard work.

  11. i have attempted 32 questions out of 52 and i think 28-30 questions must be correct.do i stand a chance to get selected in rcc or ecc.i am expecting 110-115 marks out of 200.

  12. i am selected for ECC at VMC ,but also i am getting an extremely good scholarship at brilliant tutorials.
    which should i join???????
    if i had been selected for RCC , i would have definitely joined it, but since its only ECC, i think BT is better?????
    i am confused…………………………………

  13. Hey
    I got selected for ecc . It says in the result that i can choose between punjabi bagh, patna or east delhi centre.
    Do i stand a chance of making it to the punjabi bagh centre??

  14. heyy .. i got admn to vidyamandir ECC programme …
    i wanted to ask if it is any good as compared to d regular batch ? or should i try somewhere else as i could not make it to d regular batch ?

    waiting for ur reply ….. 🙂

  15. mr. naman bagga, i have been expecting a word from you(reply) for years. now i think you r nt helpful enough perhaps to advise me???????????????????????????????????
    i just simply asked for your intelligent expert advise…………………..now it seems that i should have not done so in the first place…………………………
    now, for the last time for the sake of humanity and all the other heavenly things in the world, i again ask you for your aadvise that perhaps would get me out of this perplexion……………..
    help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mr. Bagga
    I heard A lot about you .
    can you please guide me for the entrance exam held on 2 may 2010. please i dont have much time what buks i shuld refer and can i get a sample paper of the test i am in 10 class promoted from 9th. i am very worried about the exam .
    please tell the difficulty level of the questions and the pattern so that i get some help in the preparation of the exam . please help me

    • i am appearing in iit jee 2012 and i am in vmc rcc
      .i was in maths genii in my view its waste off time to join vmc in 10.join it in 11 .i messed up my grades and experienced no gains

  17. i m a current VMC regular student.and it is certainly THE BEST.
    the duration does not matter.All that matters is passion.

  18. hi i am in class 10th.next .i will be appearing in iit-jee 2013.i want to take admission in vmc for preparation but i heard it everywhere that its very difficult to crack.i want to practice for entrance frm just now.pls guide me what type of questions should i practice.also from where i get sample papers for practice

  19. which is the best book to practice from for entrance i wiil be greatly obliged
    plz tellllllllllll

  20. hii. i am in class IX and am going to appear for the vmc entrance on 16th jan. i have studied from rd sharma. yet i am feeling very tensed about the test. i attempted the cd questions and am feeling very low. i think as if i have studied nothing compared to those questions. please tell me which kind of questions will come in the paper. i expect a quick reply and would like to congratulate you on making such a nice site.
    thank you in advance 🙂

  21. I got into VMC REGULAR batch , it wasn’t hard at all .
    I just studied the NCERT and R.S Aggarwal examples and excercises.
    In the end though i noticed that hardly any questions of that sort came.
    In the end I had to basically apply all the concepts I knew.
    It was a 56 question test , I answered about 34 with 100% accuracy and i think I got them all correct .
    ONLY attempt the questions you are 100% sure about and answer with 100% accuracy .
    Thats all the advice I can forward.

  22. hi i am in class 10th.next .i will be appearing in iit-jee 2012.i want to take admission in vmc for preparation but i heard it everywhere that its very difficult to crack.i want to practice for entrance frm just now.pls guide me what type of questions should i practice.also i am doing books of mathgenii that i get through courier.waiting for reply


  23. I am appearing in 10 class and i want to crack iit
    so can you tell me the date of vmc paper and where to find the form for the entrance test

  24. hey!!
    I practiced very hard for the entrance test and managed to get into ECC @pitampura. I believe some more hardwork could have pushed me to regular. I had slot 1-400 in ECC..
    plz tell me how can I improve to the level of regular students before my classes start in april.

    after reading this blog…i feel i made a right decision in taking up ecc..and I feel that i am no less than those who are selected in regular as i got slot 1-400 after 125 regular students…it was all about clicking at the right time in the exam!
    if any1 appears for it the next time just remember to control your anxiety while giving the exam…coz that anxiety can cost you much…
    jmd(jai mata di)

  25. well i got selected into ecc pitampura through the recent test and was an aim iit student of usually 1st list in internal exams…….shud i join vmc now as i have not got rcc or think otherwise…………should i drop the very idea of engineering and go for medical…………please guide me

  26. My daugter got adm. to ECC pitampura her rank was 1-400. She should try again in april test for RCC or ECC is equally good. In my opinion ECC would also be good because it is taught by young intelligent and energetic teachers, who have the latest info about IITJEE test. Pl advise

    • i am appearing in iit jee 2012 and i was in vmc rcc and shifted to ecc .because in rcc on guidance is given student has to study 10 to 12 hours on own.but in ecc because for d same chapters double classes r given so everything is taught and it reduces students load so go forr ecc else ur daughter may drop it due to lack of cope

      • VMC is the best, i am preparing for JEE this sunday, i was in RCC, whether you go to RCC or ECC, follow what teachers say, IIT is for sure. VM is the best experience of my life, i left scholarships of Rs. 60k at Bt, 65% at FIITJEE and many more, people make into IITs but not into VM, you shud be proud and follow VMC. Success is all that lies in your life ahead.

  27. I am a student of class9 in vishwa bharati public school dwarka .I am planning to crack iit jee. when i wisited the site of VMC 0n 12/4/11.i got to know that exam was held on 9/4/11.Is there any other way of getting admission at VMC.?

  28. sorry dude u hv missed d golden chance for selection to vmc

    yes u can opt for dere correspondence naming MATHS-GENII
    and then next yr u can try ur luck for d selection to vmc

  29. Is it advisable to take biology as 5th subject even if one is preparing for engineering entrance. The other optional subjects offered are c++ and Engineering drawing but theses subjects are taught from the beginning in any engineering or Bsc course, they are not giving any advantage for admission to any of the science stream courses. however biol;ogy makes you eligible for other science field options but adds to burden. can any body give his valuable suggestio or throw some light on this .

  30. mr. bagga plz tell me which book should i refer or study to crack the rcc course test!!! plz i m in 10 nw…

  31. I really need the sample papers for VMC can someone plz contact me if they have access to them

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