Hi buddies. It was really disappointing and disturbing to see Fernando Alonso of McLaren lead Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix all the way, until the checkered flag was waved. Well I’m a die-hard Ferrari fan and even own a community on orkut named Jean Todt rocks. Hamilton who was competing in his 2nd Formula One Grand Prix got a podium finish behind his teammate Alonso. He was 2nd. Finnish Driver Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari managed to get a podium finish 20 seconds behind Alonso and a fraction behind Hamilton. Raikkonen couldn’t repeat his win at Albert Park in Melbourne tree weeks ago. Ferrari’s 2nd driver Felipe Massa could just manage a 5th position. McLaren have now thrown Ferrari on their back foot in the constructors’ championship, as Sunday’s one-two finish was the first for McLaren since 2005. The next GP is at Bahrain but one thing’s for sure I’ll post regarding the qualifying and the race.

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