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It’s fun. These are the two words my friend Ankur Banerjee (GQ) said to me when I was hesitant about creating this blog. Well now with 14 posts I too believe that blogging is fun. I would like to tell all of you that blogging is simple if you have elementary knowledge of computers. There are some sites that make blogging very simple. I want to name a few today as I came across them while surfing.

Tumblr- http://www.tumblr.com

Senduit- http://www.senduit.com

StorySquared- http://www.storysquared.com

Duh- http://www.duhcorp.com

WordPress- http://www.wordpress.com

The purpose of blogging is fun and not complications. So if you want to create a blog and your knowledge of computers is less/elementary you should consider these sites to create your blog for more comfort.