Hi buddies. It was really disappointing and disturbing to see Fernando Alonso of McLaren lead Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix all the way, until the checkered flag was waved. Well I’m a die-hard Ferrari fan and even own a community on orkut named Jean Todt rocks. Hamilton who was competing in his 2nd Formula One Grand Prix got a podium finish behind his teammate Alonso. He was 2nd. Finnish Driver Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari managed to get a podium finish 20 seconds behind Alonso and a fraction behind Hamilton. Raikkonen couldn’t repeat his win at Albert Park in Melbourne tree weeks ago. Ferrari’s 2nd driver Felipe Massa could just manage a 5th position. McLaren have now thrown Ferrari on their back foot in the constructors’ championship, as Sunday’s one-two finish was the first for McLaren since 2005. The next GP is at Bahrain but one thing’s for sure I’ll post regarding the qualifying and the race.


Well that’s true yesterday Bangladesh defeated South Africa by 61 runs in their Super 8 match of the ICC World Cup 2007.I always believed that it wasn’t the Indian team that played horrible but it was Bangladesh who played brilliantly.Bangladesh are on a roll.They defeated India in the group stage,New Zealand in their warm-up match and South Africa in the Super 8 which is currently the number one team in the world.