Kolkata Knight Riders

Shah Rukh Khan recently announced his IPL team-Kolkata Knight Riders.I know that there are lots of mad SRK fans out there who will be supporting this team.But,I am neither a SRK fan nor do I support the Indian Premier League.SRK seems to be investing a lot on the team and his team is the most publicized team in the IPL.It could turn out to be a good investment.

To know everything about the Knight Riders,you can visit their website.One thing I find very funny that SRK or more probably the guy from Red Chillies who registered the domain didn’t care to register it privately which means that all SRK fans know where you can contact him.

The whois information says-

Red Chillies
Mr. Shah Rukh Khan (sukhmandir@hotmail.com)
Deepvan Bldg., Jn. of 20th Road,
Khar Danda Road
Khar West
Tel. +91.2226058703

Here’s the knightriders anthem(Korbo Lorbo Jitbo) video-

Here’s just the audio-

If you have visited their website or have watched the video,you would’ve noticed the golden helmet and its unique poor design.I wonder if the little portion in the middle hinders the visibility.I know that the helmet has been designed to go with the theme but after all the guys have to bat wearing that helmet and I don’t think the visibility is too great.

Goodbye And Good Luck

This post is best read with music supporting it-

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This post is about the second test between India and Australia at Sydney played for the Border-Gavaskar trophy.The result of the match-Australia won by 122 runs.

Man(Men) of the Match-The idiots above,Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson.

The first 3 lines say it all.The 2nd Test between India and Australia was literally 13 vs 11.The umpires were clearly biased towards the Aussies.The number of bad decisions is unbelievable.I didn’t have time to count the number,so here’s a video.Don’t think that the video has all the bad decisions.

Mark Benson asked Ponting whether Ganguly’s catch was cleanly taken and believed him when he said that he was out.This is clear Racism.Speaking of Racism,Harbhajan Singh has been banned for 3 tests for calling Symonds a ‘Monkey’.There was no proof that he had said that.SymondsMr Monkey called it a racist comment.Perhaps Symmnds belongs to the race of monkeys.For God sake what’s wrong with calling a person a monkey in a country where Tuxedos are called ‘Monkey Suits’.If ICC doesn’t get its act right,we might need a new International Cricket Board.

Thus I think that some conclusions can be drawn from the test.Either the umpires are biased or they need to retire.In either of the 2 cases I think it’s time to say-Good Bye and Good Luck.The umpires should spend some time with their families.I don’t think that any match in which these umpires stand should be called an ‘International Match’.I don’t think ICC will bear Bucknor for about 4 more years after which he will officially retire.

Now its time for me to express my anger at the Umpires properly.

Here’s a gift for the umpires-

A Tribute To Misbah

Pakistan newcomer,Misbah-ul-Haq has a habbit of getting out in the most funniest possible manner.Here’s a post dedicated to his dismissals.

In the ICC World Twenty20 Finals,he managed to get himself out by playing a silly shot when Pakistan were in a very comfortble position and could have won easily.Here’s what he managed to do-

When asked about the shot he played in the ICC World T20 final,he said in an interview that he would play the shot agian.In the 2nd ODI against India he dared to play the same shot and this time things were a bit different.He didn’t manage to hit the ball and was bowled.Have a look-

Recently,in the first test between India and Pakistan at Delhi,he got run out in a really funny manner.He jumped to let the ball hit the stumps while he was in the air.You definitely need to look at this video-

T20 Champs Teach Aussies A Lesson

India proved yet again that they are the Twenty20 world champions.They convincingly defeated Australia at the CCI stadium by 7 wickets with 11 balls to spare.Here are the scores-

The scores tell the story and the match was always inclined towards India.The bowlers did an excellent job to restrict Australia to 166.Gautam Gambhir did a great job to give India a great start which helped them chase the decent total.He was adjudged the Man of the Match and won himself a Maruti Suzuki SX4.

Here are the awards-
Best Fielder-Yuvraj Singh who won Rs1,00,000
Most Number of Sixes-Yuvraj Singh(3) for which he won another Rs1,00,000
Best Economy Rate-Harbhajan Singh(4.25) he too won Rs1,00,000

Here are some awards which I would like to declare-
The Dark Horse-Robin Uthappa for his batting performence
Free Gainer-Virender Sehwag for his horrible bowling

What I would like to mention is that Ponting and Symonds are as old as Sachin Tendulkar and were a part of the Australian side.If Virender Sehwag consistently fails to perform India should seriously consider including an experienced player like Sachin Tendulkar in the T20 side as he is a much better all-rounder.

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