Icy tower is one of my favorite freewares.Its a cute game in which a guy called Harold(played by the user) tries to climb up a very high tower without falling down.The objective of the game is to reach as high as possible and in the process grab maximum number of points.Your points not only depend upon how high you reach but they also depend upon you speed and the number of combo jumps you make.Its a very popular game and I would rate it ****1/2(4.5/5).This is the only game I play which is liked by everyone in my family-my mom,my dad and my elder sister.I would like to give you a tip- go to the game options window and turn eye candy and sounds on for a good playing experience.

Here’s the best news of all its a free download of 1.7MB.You can play this game even if you have a 16MB RAM.Overall its a nice little cut game.Just click on the link below to download the game&happy jumping fellow jumpers!


The EA Sports F1 2002 is one of the best F1 games released by Electronic Arts. The best part is that the controls are simple and the handling of the cars is good. Since it was made in 2002 the old qualifying rules are used and new driver like Fernando Alonso are not included in the game. Teams like Arrows, Minardi (today’s Torro Rosso Crosworth ) and Jordan (today’s Spyker Racing team) are included in this version. But that doesn’t hamper the joy and concentration involved in playing the game. New circuits like Sakhir in Bahrain, the one at Shanghai (China) and the circuit at Istanbul, Turkey are not included in the game. The Game Menu-

The game comes with a telemetry feature, which gives you all telemetry data for your car on a particular lap including fuel load, tire tread and brake temperatures. The game is very close to real F1 racing as you can enable damage on accidents, fuel consumption and tire wear. The car handling turns horrible when your tires develop blisters and your car spins a lot in this case. You can enjoy racing simulation with cockpit and inner cockpit view. You can enhance your game play by changing audio to pit radio and by increasing the speech content. This is a good game if you are a true F1 fan. You can also capture some screenshots by pressing F12 key.

Screen shots from the game-

This game is one of my most favorite games. I play this game for hours and recommend it to all F1 fans. My rating for F1 2002 undoubtedly will be ***** (5/5). Sorry guys but this game is too big for me to give you a direct download link so you can get the game trial version from the link below


I’ve decided to post reviews to some of the games I play or have on my PC. I’ll be writing about the games and describing them briefly. I promise to present a neutral opinion towards the game. If you want the game for free write to me through the contact form and I’ll send you instructions regarding getting the game. To start today I want to describe Pokemon Red (Nintendo Game Boy edition) RPG. Although the graphics aren’t too great, this game is one of the most interesting RPG (Role Playing Games) I’ve ever played. I couldn’t find a better Pokemon RPG. It’s fun to play and keeps you hooked to the computer for hours. I would recommend it to people of age group 11-25. But take care it’s meant for gameboy so check the controls before playing, save the game from file menu and not within the game. And please Enter (Return) key is the pause button and beware Escape key (Esc) is the exit button. If you press the Esc key before saving the game, your game will be lost. Thus I would advise you to regularly make backups of your save files. My rating for this game would be **** (4/5).