April 15, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Games, Reviews.

I’ve decided to post reviews to some of the games I play or have on my PC. I’ll be writing about the games and describing them briefly. I promise to present a neutral opinion towards the game. If you want the game for free write to me through the contact form and I’ll send you instructions regarding getting the game. To start today I want to describe Pokemon Red (Nintendo Game Boy edition) RPG. Although the graphics aren’t too great, this game is one of the most interesting RPG (Role Playing Games) I’ve ever played. I couldn’t find a better Pokemon RPG. It’s fun to play and keeps you hooked to the computer for hours. I would recommend it to people of age group 11-25. But take care it’s meant for gameboy so check the controls before playing, save the game from file menu and not within the game. And please Enter (Return) key is the pause button and beware Escape key (Esc) is the exit button. If you press the Esc key before saving the game, your game will be lost. Thus I would advise you to regularly make backups of your save files. My rating for this game would be **** (4/5).

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