Google Search Box-Bloggers Beware

What I’m writing in this post is way too elementary but important.You can find a Google Search Box at the top of my blog.If you want such a search box for your blog,sign up for Google AdSense.You can earn from the search box under AdSense for Search.You can also get it from the official Google site-

I recently came across this fake website ( ) owned by Alexander Spiteri according to Whois.The domain and favicon suggest that the website is a Google website but don’t be fooled by that stuff.The guy plans to earn from other websites.The code provided by him has his publisher id in it.If you check out the footnote it says-

Google do not allow changes to the code so please do not modify any part of the code other then the url of the site search ( above).

It is evident that the guy is going against the TOS.Well,i must say that this guy could have done better than this.He uses eXTReMe Tracking.You can find the icon at the bottom left of the page.

Try Googling ‘google search box’, the website is the fourth result.Surprisingly, AdSense is the fifth result.Yahoo is better in this regard.While composing this post,I came across another such fraud website- which is even worse than the previous one.There are many more websites.

Thus it is needless to say that don’t use the code provided by any other website unless or until you plan to let someone else earn on your behalf.


In my previous post on Bloggerwave called BLOGGERWAVE-NOT A SCAM I had included my conversations with Ulrik Svane Thomsen.You might remember(or just check it out) that in his last E-mail,he mentioned that he had signed up with a professional design company to re-design Bloggerwave.Today,while surfing I noticed that Bloggerwave has a new design and layout which is very different form PayPerPost.

I hope this is enough to convince people that Bloggerwave is not at all a scam and is nothing but a good blog advertising website like all others.I’m sure Bloggerwave will soon be able to provide more opportunities with it’s cool new design.Mr. Ulrik,you were right,I really like the new design of bloggerwave.All the best!


This commercial is worth watching.I simply fell in love with it at first sight.Motorola always produces good commercials.

Isn’t it great?It’s up to you to decide which version of the song you prefer-
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