The Vodafone Zoozoo Ads

We’ve all seen the funny Vodafone Zoozoo ads during the IPL matches.They are really funny.The Zoozoos are really cute creatures indeed.In case you haven’t seen the ads yet,here’s the Youtube channel with all these ads. You watch all Vodafone IPL Zoozoo ads before they are released on TV here.The first one is the one which will be aired during today’s IPL match-

For people who don’t know, these white characters are called Zoozoos. They are Vodafone’s latest creation. These ads are not a work of animation. These are balley artists wearing costumes and performing. They were not able to see a thing inside that white costume. There are videos of the making of the Vodafone Zoozoo ads in the channel embedded above.

Firefox Bikes??

Recently I found some interesting/wierd advertisements in a mall.The first one is Firefox Bikes.It obviusly has nothing to do with Mozilla.Have a look at the advertisement-

Firefox Bikes

Atlantic Ice-Atlantic Ice is an ordinary ice cream parlor but have a look at the banner-

Tux Ice Cream

For those who didn’t get this one,the penguin in the center is Tux in the center.I guess then it becomes opensource ice-cream!

Difficult Is Worth Doing

I enjoy watching commercial advertisements.I particularly enjoy funny and action-packed advertisements the most.Honda always makes great commercials.Their ads are always meaningful and convey the message clearly as opposed to some ads which don’t even make sense.The latest Honda Accord advertisement is yet another addition to the list of great Honda Ads.This one conveys the quality and integrity of the Honda Accord.Before reading further,have a look at the video.

You can view the new Honda Accord advertisement-Difficult is worth doing by clicking on the link.
Here’s a short video of the making of the ad.

So what do you think about this ad?Awesome ad,isn’t it?The tag line ‘Difficult is worth doing’ sums up the advertisement really well.Honda Accord is a great luxury car and it deserves nothing less than this great ad.The advertisement has done justice to the car.

Virgin Mobile Commercials

Virgin mobile has two really nice commercials.These are definitely worth watching-

Here’s the first one-

And here’s the second one-

Which one was better?You can leave your comments