Back to college and busy

July 22, 2010 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: General, MANIT Bhopal.

I’m back in Bhopal and my 5th semester is well on course. I’ve been here for the past 15 days and these days have been really busy. Settling in my hostel room took quite some time as expected. Also, I’ve been learning to ride bikes these days. I’ve managed to learn to ride thanks to all my friends. I even happen to have video evidence for it-

I’ll be getting my own bike very soon now, more on it later. I’ve been very busy lately because being a member of 3 college societies, I need to work for each of them. The day since I’ve entered 3rd year, there seems to be some reason to be busy everyday. Today, I was busy with design work for ED-search, the test to get into the college’s Editorial Board. I’ll be conducting a short workshop on Linux tomorrow evening after college. I’m down with a bit of a cold too so need to get some sleep now. More posts and updates to follow soon.

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