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January 16, 2010 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: MobiWorld, Reviews.

Consumermate is a site that was launched by 9.9 media to help consumers compare products like Laptops, mobile phones etc. When I bought my laptop, ConsumerMate proved to be very useful to compare features and prices. Consumermate has been offering comparisons of laptops for quite some time now. It it indeed one of the best source to get good comparisons on Laptop price in India. Recently, ConsumerMate launched its Mobile phone section to offer comparisons on Mobile Handsets.

I recently bought a new phone, the Samsung Corby Pro B5310. ConsumerMate made my task a bit simpler. Gone are the days when the mobile phone market was dominated by Nokia. Many people still don’t want to buy anything but Nokia but there’s a large section of the population, primarily the youth who is looking for the best phone in the best price. There are so many other brands available these days. What exactly ConsumerMate does is that it shows you the various available options for your requirement. You can shortlist phones on basis of brand, say if you wish to buy a Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, you can select the brand from the menu and view the results. The site also has an option to shortlist phones on the basis of price and mobile type or form factor.

ConsumerMate also provides the online store facility where you can buy the phone you want from your favorite online store like Indiatimes Shopping. There’s also a very useful ASK US Section which enables customers to ask for a price for a particular model and 2 to 3 vendors in the city will contact them with the best price offers for the products selected or mentioned in the message. ConsumerMate is a very useful site as it allows users to get the best price for the product they wish to buy.

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