LAMP Installation On Ubuntu-Easiest method

For noobs, LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL PHP. If you don’t know what LAMP stands for, you probably have no business installing a LAMP server anyways. Installing LAMP on Ubuntu is pretty simple, you just need to install Apache, MySQL and PHP. I know there are many tutorials on how you can do a LAMP server install on your Ubuntu installation but most of them have long steps explaining how you should install and configure each part. This post is meant to tell you the easiest way to install a LAMP server.

If you are using Ubuntu(or any Debian based Linux distro), installing LAMP is easier than you can imagine. Just open a terminal and run-

sudo tasksel

This should show you a list of prefined software collections. Just select LAMP server and select OK. That’s it. Just sit back and relax while your LAMP server is being installed 🙂

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