Transferring data to my laptop

July 29, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Tech Talk.

I don’t need to remind regular visitors of this blog that not-so recently I bought a laptop. Let me first tell you a bit about my PC. Its 9 years old and doesn’t have an Ethernet card. I really haven’t made any changes to it ever since I got it. All I could use to transfer data and connect my Beetel 220BX ADSL modem is the USB ports. When I got my laptop, I started to think about ways to connect my laptop and PC simultaneously. One strange and interesting thought then struck my mind. What would happen if I connected my Laptop to the modem through Ethernet and PC through USB. I tried doing so and I was able to connect both the computers simultaneously.

Then I thought about ideas to transfer data from my PC to my laptop. I couldn’t use a crossover Ethernet cable just because my PC has no Ethernet card. I also don’t have an external hard disk and don’t wish to buy one in the near future. Using a Pen-drive was a very tiring option as I could transfer just 2GB at a time. Then, a different thought struck my mind which was just what I needed. My modem created a local network between my PC and Laptop. I used it to transfer all my data from my PC to my laptop. It took some time but it was acceptable and I feel any method would’ve taken that amount of time.

An ADSL modem which supports both USB and Ethernet is a useful thing to have indeed. This method is very useful if your PC doesn’t have an Ethernet card or you don’t have a crossover Ethernet cable and want to use a Straight cable to transfer your data. I used this method with a Beetel 220 BX modem but this method is not specific to a particular modem. It will work with all similar types of Modems/Routers.

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