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Update: This guide was written for the purpose of AIEEE 2009 so the dates mentioned here are in accordance with 2009. Although this post caters to AIEEE 2009, most of the important points and counseling procedure is same for AIEEE 2010 so this post is still valid in context of AIEEE 2010

Now that the AIEEE result and counseling details are out, its time for the centralized counseling. Every year thousands of students make mistakes in the AIEEE centralized counseling. Such people don’t get into the college they deserve. Here is a complete walk-through of the AIEEE 2009 counseling procedure. This should answer all your questions regarding how to go about counseling and the procedure of seat allotment.

This year the counseling procedure is completely online and its very different from last year’s counseling procedure. Last year there were three rounds of counseling and the first part had 2 forms- Form 1 and Form 2(for dropout seats). This year the system is completely different. It would be a good idea to be through with the counseling procedure mentioned on the central counseling board website.

The first stage is registration which has already started on 8th. This is the simplest step and you should register yourself as soon as possible to get maximum out of the mock counseling. The next thing you need to do is to fill up your choices. This is going to be tough because there are a lot of choices available. It is very important to order the choices according to your preference. I know the interface of the site which happens to be designed by NIC makes it mentally and physically tiring to order all the choices but you have a lot of time to do this. Try to get all your choices in the right order as soon as possible to take full advantage of the indicative seat allotment during the mock counseling period which ends on 24th June.

This year there are four rounds of seat allotment. Till last year, if you were allotted a seat through a particular round of counseling, you were not considered in further rounds of counseling. This had disastrous consequences. People with poor ranks were able to fill up seats in top NITs through the latter rounds of counseling. However, this year the CCB has changed the rule and has made it fare for everyone. This year, once you are allotted a seat you will be given an option of participating in further allotment according to the choices submitted by you. You can either completely participate in further rounds of allotment or can select the option of considering better branches in the college allotted to you.

The last paragraph explains why I’m emphasizing on filling up your choices properly in the order you want. After you check out indicative seat allotment on 24th June, you should finalize your choices and check them thoroughly before locking them. Don’t forget that you need to lock your choices before 28th June 11:55pm. I would suggest you to lock your choices on 26th or 27th as the site might go down or might take a long time to load on 28th due to excess traffic. If you fail to lock your choices before the deadline-28th June 2009 11:55pm you will not be allotted any seat through AIEEE 2009 central counseling.

You should check the rankings of NITs before filling up your choices. You will also have to make a decision whether you want to go for college or for branch. Considering the nature of this year’s counseling, I would suggest you to go for the branch you want unless or until you are getting a very good college with some other branch. Don’t expect too much sliding after the 4 rounds of allotment as because of the new rules, you can’t expect miracles. If you’ve got a 10k rank you’ll get a seat that you deserve and if you’ve got a 20k rank, you’ll get what you deserve. As compared to AIEEE 2008, AIEEE 2009 Counseling and allotment will be more fair. The rank cutoffs for college admissions will be very different.

Please note that I’ve used the word ‘allotment’ everywhere and not ‘counseling’. The choices you lock before 28th June are your final choices and you can’t change them under any circumstances. In other words, there will be no further counseling. The further rounds of allotment will be done against vacant seats on the basis of the choices you initially submitted. I hope you understand how important it is to fill up the right choices. Don’t think on the lines-

X choice is impossible to get with a rank of 12,000

You should fill every choice you are interested in but be careful about the order of the choices. The change in the counseling procedure has given you a great opportunity to get what you deserve, utilize it well.

The following example should explain the procedure in brief-
Example-Pappu has got AIR 2000 in AIEEE 2009.
-24th June- Pappu’s indicative allotment- Mechanical in NIT Trichy.
-28th June- Last date for locking of choices. Let Pappu’s choices be- 1)NIT Trichy-ECE 2)NIT Warangal ECE 3)NITW Civil 4)NITW Mech
-1st Allotment- Civil in NIT Warangal. Papppu has 3 choices.-
*Take Civil in NIT Warangal.
*Participate in further allotment rounds for NIT Warangal.
*Participate in further allotment and hope for ECE in NIT Trichy.

I want every reader of this blog to be completely satisfied with what he/she does in the AIEEE 2009 central counseling. After reading this long post, I don’t want anybody making mistakes they would regret. Many of my friends want to go back in time to change the choices they filled up during the 2008 counseling. I hope you don’t develop similar feelings after the AIEEE 2009 counseling. All the best! May you get the college and branch of your choice!.

PS- This post could be named AIEEE 2009 Counseling For Dummies

PPS-A notice on central counseling board site says-

Seats in NITs will be made available for candidates (based on their AIEEE merit) from States/UTs., which do not have NITs., so as to keep the number of seats for such States/UTs., at the level of 2007, after making due adjustment for the number of seats filled by candidates of these States/UTs during normal counseling.

PPPS- If anybody is not clear about the seat distribution and reservation, here’s a clarification. For every NIT, 50% seats are reserved for Home State students(students with state of eligibility of the state in which the NIT is). Admission to the rest of the 50% seats is done on basis of AIR. However, in the last round of allotment(4th), there will be no reserved home state seats.

Update- CCB now allows you to unlock your locked choices and unregister yourself if you’ve locked your choices and filled up less than 20 choices. However, you can’t do it online and have to go to counseling centers to get that done. Have a look at the notice on the CCB site.

Voicetap is a service that connects you to experts through phone calls in which the experts answer your questions. They have compiled a list of questions in an editable spreadsheet. If you want your questions to be answered by the experts, you should add them to the Google docs spreadsheet. Your questions will be answered by the experts. You just need to add them to the spreadsheet.

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458 comments on “AIEEE Counseling Guide

  1. sir,
    would i be able to get mechanical,chemical,I.T.
    or industrial in nit allahabad,jaipur,bhopal
    after considering all rounds of counselling.
    air overall 14103(op)
    state overall 1723
    i am from u.p. in indicative seat i am getting
    chemical in raipur.

    • industril is not a good branch.try mechanical electrical in these nits and in other nits.plmake proper order of choice.give electical maecanical in other nits preference.

  2. sir you suggested me that ican get civil in agartala and patnabut sir i came across a site named . previously they condected seminar in delhi and this site gives you last year cut offs
    in second round i saw
    nit branch cutoff
    calicut chemical 15965-22301
    suratcal civil 15895-20075
    trichy civil 16020-20179
    kuruk civil 14527 -22802
    surat chemical 18938-27345
    patna it close rank 28457
    patna elec close rank 25986
    hamirpur civil c.r 28021
    al of this is officialy asked by them frm respective nits i asked them this info at phone
    now tell me ,by knowing that this year pattern is different but can you guess by how much this can vary may be 4000 (i dont think by 100000so by this ihave a slite chance in those nit with civil which deffer frm my rank by as big as 5000 though it is not a low no…
    me saurav chaturvedi
    air 21065
    i want your view
    both naman sir and a.k.mishra
    more i have seen som problem onans of queries
    as,,naman told i have chance of it in descent nits ,but a.k.misra sir told of civil in agartala silchar patna
    pls do agive a discriptive remark on it

      • please sir, if you think i am rude then sorry but please share your experience with us .sir you know this is the time when our tention is on peak.ihade a all together different story i left vit cse for nit as i thought is is not good as it takes students by donation also.
        so i have left with no options but to wait for nits,go back to my coaching
        so pls suggest me

        • it is ok.last time form b was there ,second round was there again third round was there.these ranks are third round ranks.this time there is no provision for these yet. so nothing can be said.if u have just completed ur 12th,u can take other chance.u may get iit next year or best nit with ur choice year is not a much time.but if u have complted 12 th in 2008 pl join some institute now.

  3. Dear Sir,

    My state rank is 288(TN). You had told that I will eventually get EEE/CSE etc. in NITT. Will I get it in 2nd round or 3rd round? Because before the 3rd round my Anna University counselling comes and I have to take a decision.

  4. sir what are my chances of getting nit patna electrical,nit hamirpur civil air2200
    though last year
    nit rpatna ele closed at26000,nit hamir civil 28345.
    but keeping namans concern of change of process ,i think max change may be not more than 5000,yar,jo bhi ho itna to antar nahi ana chahiae
    ki difference 10000 ho jae

  5. sir i belong to ST category and i have scored 27…my air rank is 665638 n category rank 15101
    i m frm assam n my state rank is 7846 and category 692
    i have not qualified for counseling a
    as the cut off for ST is 44
    is there any chance of getting NIT?

  6. sir i belong to ST category and i have scored 27…my air rank is 665638 n category rank 15101
    i m frm assam n my state rank is 7846 and category 692
    i have not qualified for counseling a
    as the cut off for ST is 44
    is there any chance of getting NIT?
    please reply

  7. Sir, a question. The Openings & Closing Ranks (2008) given on AIEEE Website, are for the 1st Allotment, or Last allotment????

          • The number of seats available under ST category in all the NITs is 462. Your category rank suggests that there are 15100 candidates before you. Even in state there are 691 candidates ahead of you and NIT Silchar has 36 seats in ST category. Hence the probability of seats being unfilled looks rather low.

  8. how can i get the proof of place of examination of final exam which is required for determination of state of eligibility?i have passed SSC,HSC from Maharashtra state board.
    if i dont get any seat allotment in first round, then will i have to do anything to register myself for the next round?

    • 1. Your HSC pass certificate as well as Transfer Certificate from the school will be the proof that you passed out from Maharashtra.
      2. If you do not get any seat allotment you are automatically considered for second round. No action required from you. Similarly for third and fourth rounds.

  9. sir i got AIR overall 119380 category 28543
    state rank 15733 category 4369 i locked chioces but there r no indicative seats am i eligible to go to admission centre for counseling pls tell me the procedure after locking choices if they not shown indicative seats pls urgent sir i am getting stress

    • Hi Teja, relax. The allotment would be put up on the ccb site tomorrow only. If a seat is allotted to you, then you go and pay the fees between July 1 and July 5. If no seat is allotted wait for July 7 when the 2nd round allotment will be put up on the CCB site. If seat allotted go and pay fees between July 8 and 12. Else wait for third round allotment to be put up on July 13…..

  10. sir i got AIR 119380 CATEGORY 28543 STATE RANK 15733
    CATEGORY 4369 sir i locked my choices but there r no indicative seats.sir pls tell me the procedure after locking choice. am i eligible to get seat. i should go to admission centre for counselling.pls tell me urgent i am frm A.P

  11. sir,
    my brother got an air of 11950 and is from andhra pradesh. his interest is mechanical or eee. will he get in calicut,nagpur,jaipur,bhopal or allhabad etc., at present the indicative seat on 24 showed jalandhar chemical. please help

  12. sir,i’m an sc candidate from state category rank is 75.i haven’t got an allotment in the first it possible to get ece or eee or civil at nit calicut in the second round?
    also,what would be the last category rank required to get into nit calicut?

    • The number of seats available in state quota in NITC for civil, eee and ece is only 28. Your state category rank being 75, looks tough.

      • It seems that allotment has been made till 74th rank in the first round with 74th rank getting can i hope for a seat in the second round?plzzz reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. plz compare electrical & mechanical ….why electrical closes earlier even if ppl prefer mechancical more..????

  14. i get a rank of 40000.can i get into any NIT’s in civil, electrical or mech.what are the chances for BIT’s & kiit

  15. state rank is 2221 and cotegorey rank is 267 can i get admison in second round in nit surat??

  16. dear a.k.misra sir please see job samiksha for internal news for admission in nits i checked it and noticed that mech at kurukchetra closed at 27,045

  17. Sir,

    I have got state rank in Architecture of 1100 and category of state rank (TamilNadu) of 434. These ranks are of B Arch in open category. My name does not figure in 1st counselling. Do i hold a chance in further round of allotments? Your timely advice would be of greater help. Thanks in advance for all your help Sir.

  18. Sir,

    I have got state rank in Architecture of 1100 and category of state rank (TamilNadu) of 434. These ranks are of B Arch in open category. My name does not figure in 1st counselling. My preferred choice is NIT – Trichy. Do i hold a chance in further round of allotments? Your timely advice would be of greater help. Thanks in advance for all your help Sir.

  19. Hi,

    i had given my preferences for the first round of cunselling. But now when i checked the site for the first round allocations i get the following:

    You are not locked your choices for Central Counselling.

    Can you please help me with this asap!!! I m a bit tensed…. 🙁


    • Hi Pallavi, did you not lock your choices by going to the “lock choices” tab where it will again ask your password for locking? If you have not locked I am sorry to say that your name will not be considered for allotment. If you had locked and have a printout of that then take up the matter immediately with the CCB.

      • Hi Somu,

        i did lock my choices. But i did not take a print of it. After the submission, it said, for security reasons, it is better to log out, which was also done by me. Do you know how can i get this rectified?

  20. Respected Blog Owner,
    I have been called for first round allotment,i would like to ask you,

    .how long(how many days) does verifcation of documents(oncampus counseling) take.

    .your quick responce will be really apreciated as i have to book my return ticket from the admission centre.
    thank you,for your time.

  21. Dear Sir
    I have got an All India Rank of 22000. I have not got into any of the NIT’s in the first counseling. Can I expect to get NIT, Surat-Mech or CS or Elec in any NIT like Durgapur?? If yes, in which counseling?

    • those branch seems preety difficult at yor rank.ony nits in which there is verry little chance are the botttom ones which are not worth going


  23. sir i m frm assam and my state category rank is 219. in the first allotment students upto state category rank 161 got allotment. what r my chances in the 2nd or 3rd counselling as u had previously told me that i would eventually get in 2nd counselling. plz reply soon

  24. sir my air is 9683 maharashtra candidate SR-654(ovr)551(gen) can you plz tell me will i get mech at nit nagpur i did not get anything in the first round of counselling

  25. have got state rank in Architecture of 1100 and category of state rank (TamilNadu) of 434. These ranks are of B Arch in open category. My name does not figure in 1st counselling. My preferred choice is NIT – Trichy. Do i hold a chance in further round of allotments? Your timely advice would be of greater help. Thanks in advance for all your help Sir.

  26. Dear Sir,

    I have not been allocated any seat in first round of AIEEE councelling. Is there any chance in second or further round of councelling.

    I want to take MECHANICAL Branch

    AIR 410681 ——
    SC Category 25383 ——

    State Rank

    Overall 24378 ——
    SC Category 1621 —-

    i belong to delhi

    Pls help me..


  27. Sir,
    My AIEEE ’09 AIR is 12,256 and state rank 1211. I am a general candidate and belong to Delhi State (State code – 10).
    I had filled 51 choices in all in Top 11 NIT’s and BIT Mesra in the branches ECE,EEE,Mech,Civil and Metallurgy.

    My questions are:

    * What chances do I stand in getting ECE,EEE & Mech in NIT – Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal, Calicut, Allahabad, Nagpur, Bhopal, Surat, Jaipur, Kurukshetra, Rourkela & BIT Mesra?

    * What are my chances of Civil in Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal, Calicut, Allahabad and BIT Mesra?

    * Moreover, I did not get any allotment in first round.Do I stand a chance in 2nd & 3rd round?
    And, at present the seat allotment in BIT Mesra shows allotment under ONLY HS QUOTA? Why is that? DO they not take under AI Quota?

    * And my chances in metallurgy in Trichy/Warangal/Surathkal?

    * Lastly, how would you rate Mechanical engg. in Manipal Institute of Technology?

  28. Hello to all of you.
    I’ve just this doubt, please clear it.
    I didn’t get anything in the first round of my allotment. My overall AIR (Gen) is 20180.
    Please can anyone just tell me this that even if I haven’t got any choice, do I need to report at the nearest admission center? Please help. I’m confused. I stay in Kolkata and I called up NIT Durgapur (my nearest admission center) and they said that I need to do so. But I haven’t heard this until today. Till yesterday I knew that I didn’t have to report! Please help…

  29. i locked my choices in aieee online counceling,and wen i did that i got a pop up saying are u sure u want to lock
    wen i clicked yes
    i was logged out automatically
    and now i am getting result that i have not locked it
    wat to do now

  30. Hi… i scored 147 marks in AIEEE 2009 with AIR 54,000 and STATE rank 5,600… can i expect some decent sorta college??? I made it IIT-EML in zero attempt.. I want to drop-out this year but my parents dont want me to do so… please suggest something… should i go with AIEEE.. if yes… what college can i possibly get???

  31. sir can you tell me that my state rank 3100 catrank 2400 in rajasthan is of no use for me if i give my boards frm rajasthan what crime i did,what this aieee crap tose frm south having low rank but high state rank easily get those best nits but in one country why there is so much partiality.
    2)you will not see but i can see that my frends who are st,sc,obc who are so much rich but dont study as they have been given a bloody gift
    by our currupt nation to full fill their dreams,by slapping on our labour.

    i am not against it but this should be given to those deserving having genuine capabilities and reallily suffering frm this cruel castism
    if it really want best brains of nations then select them frm air not bloody st,sc,obc rank
    the time is not far when these with air10,00,000 will get frm so called nits and put our nation at the dump of garbage

  32. kas bhaiya ….kota coaching karne gaye the kya…??

    yahi baat thi toh karnatak se kar lete 12th …aaram se pa jate surathkul…

    har jagah k apne fayde nuksaan hai…

    ab bechare tamil nadu walon ko toh india ki no. 1 coaching naseeb nhi hoti…

    aur rajasthan ki merit is nothing compared to merit of andhra pradesh ….
    jiska home state nit the so called best warangal hai….

    aur u.p. ki merit bhi rajasthan k barabar hi hai
    (home state nit allahabad…)

    aur yeh bhi to dekho bhai ki tum jaipur mein shayad mining pa jao lekin …
    tmhare he air rank pe karnataka walon ko jaipur mein kuch nhi milega….

    ab tumahra homestate nit utna accha nhi hai toh bichare woh kya karien…..

    aur rahi baat desh ko garbage mein dalne ki toh dost reservation 60 saal se chal raha hai aur chalta rahega …live wid it…

    best of luck
    bhagwan kare tum jo chaho tmhe woh mile..
    (waise patna mein elec. pa jaoge dost)

    -pandit abhishek..
    state rank

    • very thanks for your comments
      mai tumhare suggestions pe kuch kehna chahta hu
      by your suggestion agar tum nit ke bagal wali gali me rehte ho to tumko jada preference milna chahiee uske place per jo mehnat kar ke uske uper to aa hi gaya(agar aisa ho to hatao all india admission and un sare canteen wale ke bachho ko nit me lena chhie jo idots dont study much but have higher preority as there parents work in nits.or to make india developed only tke bpl,st,sc in nits
      and then after 50years there will be general wose students have to get 99.999percnt to take admission and st sc,obc will get 10%
      if this is right
      got is gret,you are great,naman grt ,india is grt

      by the way you said that i can get metallurgy at mnit but those frm karnataka dont have they gon sane to leave nit suratcal and come to mnit

      • well said manvendra . anyways have u done your 1st round counselling remote reporting at any of the nit .if not then u may visit the blog , . nice blog i think

        • sorry megha that blog is not responding but now there is no use for this now think there is no use of wasting my potential in nit,and as said by a,k,mishra sir why i miss my chance of iit for these crap nits ….i know my path to iit is full of thorns but i think nothing is impossible ,ithink if others cn way not i,but like past two years not in bansal this year because it has become crap now vibrant acadmy

  33. Dear sir,

    I have a doubt regarding AIEEE counselling.Suppose he clear all the initial formalities of AIEEE counselling including the payment of Rs 25000 and remote reporting But after the 4th counsellinmg decides to drop the seat.Suppose this happens at a large scale.This would obviously result in a large no of vacant seat in many top Nits.How would then this seats be filled??or will they left vacant??Hope to get a speedy reply from both experts.

    • see gopal you know that at all nit s have a total of 12000 seats
      and they have called aprox 80,000 students,so very less possibility of left seats but for your info no. of vacencies decreases as councelling increases upto last councelling very few seats are leftmay be negli..).but if no of vacancies is much then aprocess known as internal sliding takes place as they can not councell for a year many says it has stopped but iasked an nit professer as my father is an nit(w) alumini he tells that it is internal matter of nits and if necessory it still takes((but but but but …very negligeble chance as very very few seats fall vacents that can be neglected

  34. But even if internal sliding were to take place only people within the`institute(who has got a lower branch in the same institute) will be allowed to compete and if they get a hogher one then one that they previously occupied again fall vacant.How would these be again filled??I mean would there be a open counselling or something to fill these.This year the online procedure has made it possible for everyone to compete(even those who do not actually want the seat).Hope to get a reply.

  35. Hi,Naman please clear that if one gets a seat in
    first round & took provisional admission then is
    it necessary for him to go to counselling center
    betwween 7-12 for second round or else he will be
    considered for second round by remaining at
    home & similarly for further rounds.

  36. Dear Experts,
    My querry about option filling at the time of remote reporting for next round.
    Suppose one student whoose AIR is 50,000 & he got allotted seat in a particular NIT in 1st round (his last locked choice closed at 52000)& a second student whoose AIR is 40,000 has not been allotted seat in that NIT due to his locked choices.( His last locked choice closed at the AIR 39,000). if 1st student gives option at the time of remote reporting for next round consideration within Institute only. In that case who will be slide first in next round in particular institute either admited 1st student whoose AIR is low or 2nd student whoose AIR is high but he is not in institute. 2nd student has not been allotted seat in first round in any NITs? Pl. give me speedy reply on or before 6th July 2009

  37. my air is 62520 and state(chhattisgarh) rank is 699 category-general.i got nowhere allocated any seat in first round of counselling.i m actually a medical aspirant but got nowhere selected in any medical exam .my problem is will i get any seat in further round of counselling otherwise i will book a seat in any coaching institute for medical preparation . please help me immediately , i m very tensed

  38. sir
    today when i had opened my ID the message is there that the councelling had been closed .
    is it so?
    i m from b.arch
    please reply me as soon as possible.

  39. Dear Experts,

    This year the online nature of AIEEE counselling has made it possible for any student to participate even those who are planning elsewhere(even PMT students).Naturally this would result in a no vacant seats in many Nits after the end of all counselling. If these were to be tried in the same fashion as of last year(Vacant seat counselling) which is the caliing of only non alloted students then that would have a big blow on the closing ranks of many good only bottom rankers would be there to participate.So in your openion do youthink there is a possibilty of a seperate counselling?

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