Reasons To Hate Ubuntu

May 9, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Linux.

Ubuntu is a good Linux distro. I recommend it to everyone who wants to try Linux mainly because it is the easiest to use, the repositories are huge and it has a free media program. Recently I received my Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Shipit CD. I’ve been using openSUSE 11.1 for a long time and I didn’t want to install Jaunty. Well, I tried it on a friend’s computer and the graphics performance was terrible. Ubuntu 9.04 has serious issues with ATI and Intel drivers. The ATI drivers part of it is partially acceptable but Intel drivers not functioning properly is just not done. It’s not a release candidate we’re talking about, its supposed to be a final release. Ubuntu has this ideology of releasing new releases in a span of exactly 6 months. Its always April and October when new releases are made. The release schedule should be much more flexible and at least the major issues should be resolved before releasing a new version. In the past also Ubuntu has messed up Ubuntu 8.04 which is supposed to be a LTS version.

Issues With Upgrades

People with slow Internet connections don’t have the option of network upgrade as it can fail miserably in case of power cuts or disconnection. The alternate CD is another option to upgrade your version of Ubuntu. Most of the times the Upgrade tries to remove each and every package that you’ve installed and was not pre-installed. The update sizes are also huge. The sources.list often gets messed up after an upgrade and I’ve never completed an upgrade without encountering any problem.

Other Reasons

The shit brown color scheme looks terrible. Everything right from the CD cover to the wallpaper is shit-brown. Another point I hate about Ubuntu is poor integration with other desktop environments. Kubuntu is just KDE with no customizations. It doesn’t have a customized start menu or wallpaper.

Alternatives To Ubuntu

Other Linux distributions like Mandriva and specially openSUSE is a good alternative for Ubuntu users. openSUSE has a nice flexible release schedule with stable releases, support for various desktop environments and looks cool 😎 . I recommend people who have had enough of Ubuntu’s problems to shift to openSUSE or some other distro.

Although there are many reasons to hate Ubuntu(If I missed any, post a comment) Ubuntu is still a good option for people who have little or no experience with Linux. Although I’ve mentioned reasons to hate Ubuntu, I would like to mention that there are lots of reasons to love Ubuntu as well.

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  1. got no problem with intel drivers. Running a dell desktop P4 2gig ram video is build in to motherboard. Went from 8x to 9 cause I do have a fast internet connection. Flawless upgrade. I use this as my workstation as well as web/php/mysql server at the same time I can run a virtual xp (VirtualBox) and play and or dvd. If you have a problem it sounds personal and not technical.

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