Contest: Free Dreamhost hosting for two years!

May 17, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Blogging, General, Tech Talk.

Recently, I won a free Dreamhost hosting account for two years through Ankur’s contest. I don’t really need hosting at the moment so I’ve decided to give away the hosting account in a contest similar to Ankur’s contest. The hosting account is worth $215 approximately. This contest is for Twitter users so if you are not a Twitter user, Sign up for Twitter.

Here’s how you can participate in the contest and win web hosting for two years

1. Follow me on Twitter.
2. Tweet this message from your twitter account, exactly as its given here: Follow @namanb and tweet to win free web hosting for two years! RT to win. Visit for more details.
3. Leave a comment on this blog post. Your comment should have the link to the tweet from your account containing the message I mentioned above. This will be used to verify whether you’re following me, and have tweeted the message. You can get this direct link to your tweet by clicking on the ‘about X minutes / X hours ago’ text beneath your tweet.
Also mention how you came to know about the contest in the comment.
4. You can enter the contest multiple times, but you need to tweet again to re-enter.
5. I will chose a winner at random.
6. The contest ends at 2359 hours on 3rd June 2009.

I am the judge of this competition, my decision is final and I may change the contest rules or cancel the contest any time for any reason.

PS- This contest is open for everyone, there are no restrictions.

PPS- The last date for the contest has been updated to 3rd June 2009.

PPPS- The winner of the contest has been announced on this post.

50 comments on “Contest: Free Dreamhost hosting for two years!

  1. i came to know about this contest by the email update ,as i have been following this blog from the post about VITEEE solution 2008(not 2009).
    And this was the blog, which gave me inspiration to even start a blog.
    And now i have a blog
    full of content but, still i am not able to monetize it in a well paid manner, i would love all your suggestion naman about , monetizing blog,
    please post you ideas about it in apost.

  2. common…
    there is nothing like twitting again and again is going to help any way..!!!

    As the contest don’t ask for it at all…!!!

    I think naman, ankur’s contest was a little batter with he asking for the best PJ or something..

    You can even add something to the comp.!!

    Just a suggestion..
    But as you wish..

    • The winner will be a randomly selected person. If you enter multiple times your chances might improve. If you want to enter multiple times, I won’t discourage you.

      If you read the rules properly there is something more than just tweeting in it.I won’t say a word more than this.

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