Another Reason To Move From Blogger

April 30, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Blogging.

WordPress Is Best
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I’ve recently moved my blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress.I can feel what I was missing for a long time.This post is motivated by a recent incident that happened.A PayPerPost Advertiser recently banned all Blogger blogs from doing any of their opportunities.This was the reason for the ban-

As the blogosphere shifts, we (My firm Softduit and my clients) will no longer advertise on Blogger powered blogs with or without unique domain names. We have found that the quality of sites powered by the Blogger platform is decreasing rapidly; the effectiveness of sites powered by Blogger is much lower than those on self hosted WordPress, and more. I will reconsider this ban if an individual blogger moves to self hosted WordPress, but it is your site to do with what you like and our campaigns and campaign dollars to do the same. This ban does not have anything to do with the individual quality of this blog itself, but instead the neighborhood of blogs powered by the Blogger platform. I will be more than happy to help bloggers transition to WordPress. I apologize for the tone that is carried with the word ‘ban’, I’d prefer to use the word exclude. I do wish you all the success in the world and the blogosphere and I can help you find that success, I will! I can be found in the forums. Best Regards, brettbum

If you have a blogger blog, people, Advertisers and even search engines don’t take you seriously. If you are serious about blogging, you should definitely move to your own hosting.

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  1. okey dude..


    So, now help me with the transition…
    I dnt wanna change anything about my blog…
    else the URL..

    ie. from to

    You are in delhi now,
    So do help me…

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