I’m Back

December 28, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: General.

My end semester exams are finally over (including practicals) and I’m back in Delhi to enjoy a 3 week long semester break.Actually my second semester is supposed to commence from 12th January but the first week is going to be a mass bunk so I’ll be going back on the 18th.There are rumours that the second semester is going to be shortened because of the water shortage expected in Bhopal.

The exams were easier than I expected as there were a good number of choices between questions in every paper.One thing I couldn’t digest was that derivations were asked in some exams.I feel that derivations should have no role in a BTech exam question paper.My practical exams were scheduled on 23rd,24th and 26th December.

I took a train to Delhi on the 26th and to my delight,I was auto-upgraded from AC-3 Tier to AC-2 Tier.Had a comfortable journey unaffected by the morning fog.This is a delayed post as I was busy doing other stuff on 27th.I’m getting back to my normal routine so you can expect some posts soon.

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