The Last Lecture Week

I’ll be having my last week of classes at college for the first semester from tomorrow.I’ll be busy completing files making submissions etc.Its going to be a hectic week.I’m currently sitting in my train to Bhopal.I’ll most probably be back in Delhi in 5 days for my preparatory leave.I’ll have to study at that time because its a ‘preparatory leave’.You can expect the post frequency to go down for the next month.

By the way,this post was scheduled a week ago using Blogger’s scheduled post feature.This is because I wasn’t certain that I would get enough time to post this on Sunday.

3 Replies to “The Last Lecture Week”

  1. brother..
    in ur lst post..

    it mst be first..

    and i missd on d lst rply u tld abt returning on 12th, so cant meet dat time..
    and as we bth hv gt exams, so i think we wud be able to meet in dec. holidays only..

    1 thing more,
    i ordered d ubuntu cd..
    bt hv nt installd it yet,

    if u help me nd able to convince me (which i want u do) plz y shud i??

    And how d transition from Windows to Linux ??

    best of luck fr d semester exams!!!

  2. @Saurabh:I’m in Delhi right now for a week.I’ll convince you soon.Thanx and best of luck to you too.

    @Abhishek-Interesting analysis indeed.I didn’t look at it that way.

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