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Most online casino websites look the same and offer the same features.They even have similar names.Their design is confusing to beginners and the banners constantly seem to attack you.But there are a few is one of those.All you need to know to take the full benefit of the website is some knowledge of German.There are various online casinos for advanced players but there are hardly a few websites that focus purely on beginners. is a website that is made to train beginners and evolve them into professionals.The website has various free games that can help you improve your skills.I’ve played the free blackjack training game and feel its very useful.It judges every move you make and keeps a count of the number of correct moves.If you make a wrong move,it pops up a window and tells you the logic supporting it.Other training games include Roulette,Video Poker and free slots.They also have a Blackjack strategy planner to further improve your Blackjack skills.All these games will prepare you to play with real cash and against real players.

Once you’re ready to play with real cash,head to their top casino picks and online casino reviews section to select the best online casino for yourself.If you think you’re not ready to play with real cash after playing the training games,you can play some free also offers latest gambling news to which you can subscribe through RSS. is a very good place for beginners.I recommend it to anybody who wishes to start online gambling.In my knowledge,it is the best possible way to improve your skills and prepare yourself for a big online casino.

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