Jokerman At MANIT

I saw a poster on a notice board in my hostel.It was related to an event of the college’s literary society,Drishtant.The forst thing I noticed on the poster was that the line at the bottom was in Jokerman.Have a look at it(Zoom it for a better view)-

I’ve seen Jokerman at other places as well.The Code Warriors official font seems to be very popular indeed. Review

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The College LAN

I had mentioned in an earlier post that the LAN in my hostel was inactive and wasn’t likely to be activated too soon.But I got a surprise a few days after I went back after the mass bunk,the LAN ports in the hostel rooms had been activated.This means I’m one step closer to civilization.I can now use my friend’s laptop to access the internet and when I get my own(which won’t be to soon),I can blog regularly.The LAN speed is pretty decent and there are no restrictions.Social networking sites have not been blocked and the torrent ports are open.The LAN timings,I’ve heard are 7pm to 7am on Weekdays to prevent students from bunking classes.Frankly,nothing can stop students from bunking classes.Mass Bunks or GTs as they are called there are an integral part of MANIT.

I borrowed a friend’s laptop to pre-order Ubuntu 8.10,Intrepid Ibex and check some of the blogs I follow.I’m not very comfortable with logging in on Windows and nobody uses Linux in my hostel.I’ll be taking some Linux CD’s to Bhopal this time.I feel its time to convince people to move the Penguin way.Perhaps Wubi can help me a lot.

WaiverWire-Play With The Edge

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